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Tesla cyber truck will be released in 2023

BingMag.com <b>Tesla</b> <b>cyber</b> <b>truck</b> will be <b>released</b> in 2023

Ilan Musk announced this week at the opening ceremony of the Gigataxas plant that Tesla will finally start selling cyber trucks in 2023.

He also apologized for the delay in launching CyberTrack, which was first announced in 2019. Tesla's original and very optimistic date for the launch of this car was 2021, but then it was postponed until 2022 and now until 2023.

The automaker will produce the cyber truck at the Texas Gigafactory, which is expected to be at its highest volume. Become among the American automakers. Musk also pointed to other planned gigafactories around the world and how car production near the launch site is more environmentally friendly.

And next year will be marked by the "introduction of a huge wave of new products." In addition to cyber trucks, the company plans to launch Tesla "Semi EV" as well as other products that are not yet known next year. The truck was also planned for 2019 with self-driving technology, but production was delayed several times.

Musk also stressed that Tesla's Optimus humanoid robot will also be produced in 2023. And it is designed for anything that man does not want to do. Another product that we can apparently expect is a dedicated robotoxy that is designed to be completely futuristic. But before that, Tesla will launch a massive beta version of its full-featured cars in North America this year.

Source: Engadget

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