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Ten applications of artificial intelligence in marketing; This is the future

BingMag.com Ten applications of artificial intelligence in marketing; This is the future

With the advancement of artificial intelligence many technologies belonging to the science-fiction stories of the era Our adolescence has become a reality and has even come to the aid of marketers. The advent of artificial intelligence has affected many areas in the world today, and one of these areas that is changing very rapidly is marketing.

All of us with phrases like "If you liked this article, you might Like or Provided to you. In fact, many computers in the background are recording and examining customer behavior to determine with good probability his next behavior.

3 . Writing optimized click-through headlines based on SEO algorithms

To be honest, click-through headlines are best based on a series With the help of in-depth learning and neural networks, Norwegian researchers have been able to teach computers how to write these headlines and create headlines such as "16 incredible facts about clickable headlines, number seven will blow your mind.">

4. Product Recommendation to Customers

Content is not the only thing marketers can recommend to users using in-depth learning by visiting sites Great product and service providers like Amazon, you will see how AI can be used to recommend products based on user clicks.

BingMag.com Ten applications of artificial intelligence in marketing; This is the future

5. Speech Recognition

If you use apps like Siri, Cortana or any other voice search tool on your mobile, you know the recognition technology How much speech has improved over the years. These days, the importance of this technology in content marketing and search engine optimization has grown exponentially, as it seems that at least content should be optimized instead of keywords to answer questions.

6. Search

Google uses RankBrain, a machine learning technology for analyzing spoken or written queries that can turn them into results Which is probably what you are looking for. This tool goes beyond keywords and idioms and has the ability to compare similar questions to get the most relevant results to your liking.

7. Ad Targeting

Sites like Google and Facebook track website visitors and use the information they get to better target ads, though This is a difficult conclusion for many marketing experts. Google is currently testing a technology called Frequent Neural Networks, or RNN, that can store information for short periods of time, potentially used to better personalize and target ads in the future.

8. Chatbots

With the increase of marketing channels, experts in this field have a way to effectively manage interactions at the lowest cost, many marketers for Answering specific and frequently asked questions, buying tips, and using a variety of chats that are based on artificial intelligence and have the ability to interact with humans.

9. Marketing Automation

Marketers use artificial intelligence to attract customers, analyze their behavior, and deliver relevant content at every step of the way. Use the sales cycle. This information can be used on various platforms or to create campaigns via email and..

10. Dynamic Pricing

In industries such as travel where supply and demand set prices and various factors can change the situation, there is a great need for There is dynamic pricing. Artificial intelligence can help marketers determine the best price at the best time by analyzing the information available. However, the use of this technology is not just to determine the price of a plane ticket. That's in your shopping cart will change overnight, most likely the business in question is using artificial intelligence for dynamic pricing.


The above is just a glimpse of what is happening these days and is likely to change more and more over time. We will be. Developments in the marketing world will increase with the development of artificial intelligence every day and will lead to a better experience for the customer.

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