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Take a look at the unique experience of space travel that brought tears to William Shatner

Maybe we all really need to experience space travel, as William Shatner says, to have a different view of life. The veteran American actor, who flew into space a few days ago on a Blue Origin flight, was moved to tears when he returned from a unique experience of watching Earth from space.

Actor William Shatner The 90-year-old Canadian-American, best known for his role as "Captain Kirk" in "Space Trek" or "Star Trek," has been successful in recent days, after years of close ties with the aerospace industry. He was flown into space by the New Shepard manned capsule and returned safely. "What you have given me is the deepest experience I can imagine," she told Jeff Bezus, the company's CEO, in tears. I'm absolutely overwhelmed by what has happened. Shatner went even further, wishing he always had that feeling with him: "I hope I never get better and I can do something." To keep what I feel now. I do not want to lose it. It's so much bigger than me and my life. I'm still amazed. "I had no idea because this experience was not like simulations." unbelievable. Seeing blue colors next to you and suddenly being in black. This is the problem. Our Blue Planet. "

" Excited by this experience, "he continued his emotions with the nature of his poem:" Look at the black. "Then look down and see the blue planet where it sits among the blacknesses above this is the mother of the earth and comfort and there is there death?"

His reference is in fact to the symbolic experience of travel. From the blue of the earth to the blackness of space: "This is life and that is death. In a moment you go up and see that wow! Death is here. This is what I saw. The beauty of that blue and very thin color that you pass in an instant. This is the greatness that tells the speed and suddenness of life and death. "


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The veteran artist, who is now the oldest person to go into space, also stressed: "This air that keeps us alive, from the skin of the entire universe, You are also thinner. With this experience, you can see in a moment how small and vulnerable everything is.

Shatner's words are what astronauts refer to as the Overview Effect . A mental effect reported by people who have seen the earth from space. This view has often led astronauts to talk more about the value of Earth and the planet's ecological issues. I experienced being suspended and I think it was so weird! But not as much as the blue of the planet. It was something I had never experienced.

After his speech, Jeff Bezos and the other members of the mission team paid their respects, talked, and rejoiced, but in the midst of the laughter, Shatner continued to immerse himself in the unique experience of space travel.

Maybe that's why he said in a tweet: "I do not know what it looks like to the world, but it looks like I'm like a boy playing on the beach, I'm entertained myself now and then "I found softer pebbles or shells more beautiful than usual, with a sea of unknown truths in front of me." Blue Origin

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