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Take a breathtaking moment to see the first citizen-astronaut look at the planet Earth

How would you feel if you looked at your home from space for the first time as an ordinary citizen? This is exactly the moment that the citizen-astronauts of Mission Inspiration 4 experienced for the first time in history as the space dome of the SpaceX spacecraft opened, watching the Earth from a height above the Hubble Space Telescope.

Mission crew "Inspiration 4" returned home last week after 3 days at a height of 585 km. This space trip was important because, for the first time in history, all its stages were carried out by the private sector and non-professional astronauts. It has been proven to orbit the Earth by the Dragon manned capsule. Jared Isaacman, the wealthy founder of Shift 4 Payments, also took the opportunity to take a space trip for himself and his four companions based on his childhood dream.

Haley Arseno Haley Arceneaux, a cancer survivor and representative of St. Jude Hospital, geologist Sian Proctor and aerospace data engineer Chris Sembroski accompanied Isaacmann on the space trip. Orbit the Earth.

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Although in this space trip only It was not enough to enjoy the unparalleled views of the earth and space, and in addition to conducting some scientific experiments, plans were made to raise funds for the St. Jude Children's Cancer Research Hospital.

BingMag.com Take a breathtaking moment to see the first citizen-astronaut look at the planet Earth

Haley Arseno took a picture of her cancer during a space trip. He shared the image, noting that he still has a smile on his face. Made by mission teams, including NASA, this time it was the flight crew who decided when to publicly share their life and activities in Earth orbit.

But after arriving on Earth, these passengers Space is gradually sharing more images of this fascinating mission. However, Time Studios, in collaboration with Netflix, has produced a documentary about this historic trip that will be broadcast soon.

The opening of the glass dome designed by SpaceX for space travel And the astonishment of citizen-astronauts from the expanse of the blue planet beneath their feet is an amazing moment that anyone might be interested in experiencing. The operation was carried out after the spacecraft safely reached orbit and was the beginning of the citizens' adventure in the heart of space.

Perhaps this is why SpaceX prefers this historical moment to the Show. All you have to do is put yourself in the shoes of these citizen-astronauts for a moment and enjoy the feeling of endless watching. Moments that will be one of the solar system's tourist destinations in the future.

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Cover Photo: Looking at Earth from Space
Photo Credit: NASA

Video Credit: Dr. Sian Proctor, Inspiration4

Sources: SpaceX, Space

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