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Tablet sales in the third quarter were down 15% from last year

BingMag.com Tablet sales in the third quarter were down 15% from last year

According to the Canalys Research Institute, tablet sales in the third quarter of this year were not good at all compared to the same period last year.

At a time when smartphones with big screens and high hardware power are coming to market, we see that tablets do not have a very good market. Of course, the lack of high sales of these products compared to recent years, other reasons such as Corona virus, reduced production due to lack of chips and the lack of unveiling of their tablets by companies such as Xiaomi, Samsung and 3, but it seems that currently profitability in this sector Not too high.

According to a report released by Canalys, in the period from July to September, in the third quarter of 2021, tablet sales fell by 15% compared to the same period in 2021. Has been accompanied. According to the report, tablet manufacturers sold a total of 37.7 million of these devices in the same period, while in the same period last year, the number of tablets sold reached 44.3 million. Reached. Company sales in the third quarter of 2021 to million market share in the third quarter of 2021 sales in the quarter Third 2020 to million market share in the third quarter of 2020 Annual change Apple 15,230 15 3 233 34 4 0,0 Samsung 7 9 209 19 1 9,034 20 4 20 2 - Lenovo 4.279 11.3 4.195 9.5 2.0 + Amazon 2.772 7.4 4.993 1 11.3 44.5 - Huawei 2.502 6.6 > 5,096 11.5 50.9 - other 5.710 5 15 1 5 738 13 0 - 5 - Total 37.705 00 100 44.293 00 100 14.9 -

But by company, we still see that Apple is at the top as the top manufacturer and seller of tablets in the world, which of course we did not expect anything else. IPads and iPad Pros are the best tablets that users can buy for a variety of tasks, and because of their high quality, it was natural for them to sell well. According to the chart of each company's performance this year, we see that Apple, with sales of about 15.2 million tablets worldwide, was able to gain 40.4% of the market share.

It was able to sell only 4.3 million units and gain 11.3% of the market share. As you can see, companies like Amazon and Huawei also ranked fourth and fifth, respectively, with sales of 2.8 million and 2.5 million units, respectively. Of course, both companies had a significant drop in sales compared to the same period last year. Amazon had about 44.5 percent more sales last year, up from 50.9 percent for Huawei. We understand why Huawei fell into this day and age, but what made Amazon make such a significant drop is not at all clear.

BingMag.com Tablet sales in the third quarter were down 15% from last year

Looking at the sales chart of the regions, we see that all large companies active in this field, except in Asia, were associated with declining sales in all regions. In Europe, for example, it rises to 27 percent, in China to 14 percent, in North America to 24 percent, and in Latin America to 1 percent. But in the Asian market, we saw a 23 percent increase, which shows the importance of tablets in this region. , Except in Asia, we will still see a drop in tablet sales in other markets.

Source: GSMArena

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