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Surface Pro 8 vs. Surface Pro 7; What is the difference?

BingMag.com Surface Pro 8 vs. Surface Pro 7; What is the difference?

Last night, Microsoft unveiled the Surface Pro 8 along with various products that are going to be released with Windows 11. Like previous generations, users can use this gadget as a tablet and laptop. In this article, we will compare the Surface Pro 8 with the previous generation to see what changes Microsoft has made this time.


Base price of this product Starting at $ 1,100, you have to pay $ 180 and $ 130 for the Microsoft keyboard and Slim Pen 2, respectively. The previous generation, meanwhile, came with a base price of $ 749, and a keyboard and stylus for $ 160 and $ 100.

BingMag.com Surface Pro 8 vs. Surface Pro 7; What is the difference?

However, given the better Surface Pro 8 hardware, this price increase is not at all strange. For example, the RAM capacity of the cheapest Pro 8 model is twice that of the previous generation, and this Pro 8 model also uses the 11th generation Intel Core i5, but the previous generation was based on the 10th generation Core i3.


The design of the Surface Pro 8 is not fundamentally different from the previous model. We are not facing a change in size, but the body is now a bit heavier and we are dealing with a 13-inch screen instead of a 12.3-inch display. In addition to USB-C ports, we should mention the Thunderbolt 4 port, which allows users to connect multiple monitors to their Surface Pro 8.


BingMag.com Surface Pro 8 vs. Surface Pro 7; What is the difference?

As we said, its display is from 12.3 to 13 inches it is arrived. We also see an increase in resolution to 2,880 by 1,920 pixels, but since the size has also increased, the pixel density is still 267 pixels per inch. Other notable upgrades include support for the new display at 120Hz refresh rate.


Surface Pro 7 in 2019 in terms of performance That said, given that the new generation uses 11th-generation Intel processors and up to 32GB of RAM, it can certainly attract more attention in this area. Also, the cheapest model of Surface Pro 8 uses 8 GB of RAM instead of 4 GB of RAM. But for a closer look, we'll have to wait until the Surface Pro 8 is released.


BingMag.com Surface Pro 8 vs. Surface Pro 7; What is the difference?

Surface Pro 8 cameras are not much different from the previous generation, and for example, we are still dealing with a 5-megapixel selfie camera with face recognition. The back panel uses a 10-megapixel camera instead of an 8-megapixel camera, which can also record 4K videos. Overall, fewer users buy Surface gadgets because of the camera, which is why camera quality is usually not so important.

Battery life

Microsoft says with any The Surface Pro 8 can charge for up to 16 hours, and it takes about an hour to charge 0 to 80% of the battery. The company also said about the Surface Pro 7 that its battery lasts up to 10.5 hours, but during the tests, we came across a battery life of about 8 hours. Therefore, to comment on this issue, the battery life of the Surface Pro 8 should be carefully examined.

Last word

BingMag.com Surface Pro 8 vs. Surface Pro 7; What is the difference?

Overall, upgrading the Surface Pro 8 to the Pro 7 and Pro 7 Plus is small but important. For example, increasing the minimum RAM capacity is welcomed by users, and we should also mention the use of a relatively larger screen with better features. Also, thanks to the increased refresh rate, all kinds of content are displayed more smoothly and attractively on this display.

However, users who use the Pro 7 or Pro 7 Plus have little incentive to buy a new model. They will not have. But if for any reason you encounter various problems while using Surface gadgets, Surface Pro 8 with the features it offers can meet your needs.

Source: Tom's Guide

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