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Studies have shown that the accuracy of the Galaxy Watch 4 oxygen sensor is the same as that of professional devices


We have heard many times that the performance of various sensors in wearable gadgets is not as good and accurate as professional medical instruments. For example, many believe that under heavy pressure, these gadgets cannot work as accurately as they should, and as a result, show wrong statistics. There was even a report published that the accuracy of these products in measuring the amount of calories consumed is very low.

But apparently, smart watches can be trusted in one area, and that is the sensor that measures the oxygen saturation. Monitors blood. In this article, we are only dealing with Galaxy Watch 4 because the news published is related to this product. But it is unlikely that the SpO2 sensor in this Watch will be good, but for example in the Apple Watch Series 7, it will perform poorly.

A study published by the medical journal National Sleep Foundation recently shows that the Galaxy Watch 4 can monitor the state of sleep. And the examination of cases such as sleep apnea has an accurate and reliable performance. Of course, this study was conducted by Samsung Medical Center, but it was published in a reputable publication. Therefore, you can trust its accuracy.

In this study, 97 adults who had sleep apnea or sleep problems in general were examined, and it was finally determined that thanks to the Galaxy Watch 4, it was successful. They were able to identify their problem without having to pay a lot of money for testing with a medical device.

Galaxy Watch 4 is very professional in this field, because Samsung has equipped it with a pulse oximeter module (measurement sensor). blood oxygen) is equipped with a reflector that remains in contact with the skin when placed on the user's hand. The SpO2 sensor also uses eight photodiodes (light emitting diodes) that sense the tour reflected from the skin and receive PPG signals sent at a frequency rate of 25 Hz.

The accuracy of the Galaxy Watch 4 oxygen sensor is so high. that it can be trusted The Galaxy Watch 4 was compared to a medical device to determine how well people can trust the results. The researchers found that all the results recorded by the two devices were equal to each other, indicating that the Galaxy Watch 4 can accurately detect blood oxygen problems during sleep. Galaxy Watch 4 owners should also be happy after reading this news because they no longer need to visit a doctor and pay a lot of money for this.

According to statistics, sleep apnea is a problem that many people suffer from. are infected This disturbing disorder is seen in approximately 38% of adults, among which 50% are men and 25% are women who suffer from normal to severe sleep apnea. There are many treatment methods for this purpose, but the best way is to see a doctor because the Galaxy Watch 4 can only reduce costs in the diagnosis of this disorder.

As it seems, Samsung smart watches really have They improve in the field of health. With the switch from Tizen operating system to WearOS, the Korean company decided to openly compete with Apple representatives, who are the undisputed ruler of the market in this sector. If the Galaxy Watch 4 is supposed to show such a precise performance, we can definitely expect that the difference between Samsung and Apple representatives will be minimized in the next few years.

The high accuracy of the Galaxy Watch 4 oxygen sensor makes We are eagerly waiting for Galaxy Watch 5 because it is said that this product will have more features than Watch 4. Of course, it is said that the thermometer sensor may not be installed in this Watch with the accuracy that we expect with the current science, but as soon as the accuracy of other sensors increases, it is enough.

Source: SamMobile

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