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A strange rumor reports that the Huawei P60 will use a 14nm chip

BingMag.com A <b>strange</b> <b>rumor</b> <b>reports</b> <b>that</b> the <b>Huawei</b> <b>P60</b> will <b>use</b> a <b>14nm</b> chip

Due to US sanctions, Huawei has experienced a strange decline compared to its heyday. Just a few years ago, this company was on the verge of becoming the largest phone manufacturer in the world, but in 2019, after the start of sanctions, it began to collapse.

At first, this company only had access to American software such as services Mobile lost to Google, but later, the US government announced that Huawei no longer has the right to use American technologies to make chips. Due to these increasing pressures, Huawei finally sold the last brand by receiving about 15 billion dollars.

Huawei now not only can no longer produce advanced chips, but also lost the possibility to buy 5G chips. . For this reason, last year, Huawei P50 was released with the 4G version of the Snapdragon 888 chipset. This is a 5nm chipset, and the lower the number related to the manufacturing technology, the more transistors are installed in the chip space. that they are going to enter the market in 2023. According to this leaker, Huawei plans to use the 14nm Kirin 9100 chip for these flagship phones. This whistleblower claims that although the chip in question is a 14nm type, it will be comparable to 5nm chips.

BingMag.com A <b>strange</b> <b>rumor</b> <b>reports</b> <b>that</b> the <b>Huawei</b> <b>P60</b> will <b>use</b> a <b>14nm</b> chip

We have to say that no matter how great the architecture and design of the chip is, a 14nm chip cannot compete with the 5nm model. For comparison, we can point to the A9 chip used for the iPhone 6S, which was based on 14nm technology and uses 2 billion transistors. On the other hand, the 5nm A15 chip has 15 billion transistors.

Also, based on the rumors, Huawei plans to unveil the Mate 50 series flagship phones next month. Once upon a time, Huawei unveiled two flagship series, Mate and P, but now only one of these families arrives every year due to sanctions. It is said that Huawei Mate 50 Pro will arrive with the 4G version of Snapdragon 8 Plus generation, and the standard model will be introduced with the 4G version of Snapdragon 8 generation 1. Apparently, the Kirin 9000S chip is considered for the RS model.

In order to better understand the process of Huawei's fall, we must say that this company released about 241 million phones in 2019, but in In the past, the sales figures of this company's phones were only 35 million units. Until the US sanctions are lifted, Huawei has no chance to succeed in the mobile market, and considering the policies of the Biden administration, it seems that these sanctions will not be lifted. That's why we have to see when the managers of Huawei will accept failure and leave the mobile market completely.

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Source: PhoneArena

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