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Strange but real; Android 12 update for Galaxy A52 released!

While not all Samsung flagships have been able to get Android 12 yet, a video has been released showing Android 12 running on the Galaxy A52.

The Galaxy A52 is one of the best phones in the Samsung A-Series family, with both good hardware power and attractive capabilities. These include the Snapdragon 750G chip as a beating heart, 8 GB of RAM, the Android 11 operating system as the default operating system, and many other good features.

Updates the phone to the new operating system for three years. Of course, Android 12 has just been released, and in fact, it should be said that it is the first official update of the Galaxy A52. Although we did not expect that while all the company's flagships have not officially received this update (in all regions), mid-range phones will receive it, which of course did not happen because the blogger has installed a beta version on his phone. p>

Of course, there is an explanation in this regard, and that is that Android 12 has not been officially released for the Galaxy A52, but since the video of working with it has been shared with users by one of the famous bloggers, It seems that in the next week or two, or at the latest by the end of this month, I should see the official release of the Android 12 update for Samsung's popular middleware. Android 12 also added the One UI 4.0 user interface to this phone to transfer the new features that the Korean company has planned for its handsets to its intermediary representative.

Of course, Mehdi Shajari, one of the successful bloggers who He is working in the field of technology, he could not wait until the deadline, and somehow managed to download and install the Android 12 update and One UI 4.0 user interface on the Galaxy A52. He also shared the video on the Mobonius YouTube channel, which users can view by visiting his page. It is not clear how Mehdi Shajari was able to receive this update, but this is a beta version and naturally brings with it a series of small and large problems.

When the owners of the Galaxy A52 and all phones in general It is not clear whether this family will be able to receive Android 12 officially or even in beta, because Samsung has not said anything about this. but since the Korean company has done so well over the past year or two, it seems that users should not wait too long to receive an update. Samsung will be released. For now, it seems that Galaxy A52 users should not wait to receive the update until the Korean company officially announces this news.

According to Mehdi Shajari, the capabilities of Android 12 and the One UI 4.0 user interface are very high. Just mention their names below.

  • Possibility to change the theme and color of the phone through a new option called Color Palette
  • Change the charger animation li>
  • Enlarge brightness change bar
  • Improve the edge panel experience
  • Increase functionality and categorize widgets associated with any application
  • Interface improvements Calendar usage
  • Icon change for different camera modes (normal, ultra-wide and telephoto, or depth and macro metering)
  • Added new features to Pro shooting mode
  • >
  • Added grammar to the keyboard that fixes grammatical bugs (extremely useful)
  • Added different emojis and the ability to combine them together
  • Change the display mode of hardware and Phone security with different emoji modes
  • Where to stop charging at any time (for example, up to 80%)
  • Added ROMPlus capability to increase the capacity of RAM memory with the help of internal memory
  • Ability to clear the subject from the background or vice versa
  • Ability to make a collage with a few photos and videos
  • Inform the user of the application that uses the camera
  • Lockscreen changes
  • and many other good changes

Definitely, the features that will be added to Samsung phones with Android 12 and One UI 4.0 user interface will be much more than the mentioned issues, which we will fully review after its official release.


Source: SamMobile

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