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Steve Waznik does not differentiate between the iPhone 13 series and previous generations

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak did not seem to be impressed by the Apple iPhone 13 series, saying that there were no specific features of the iPhone 13 models. Its previous does not distinguish. "I got the new iPhone 13, but I didn't feel any difference between it and the previous series," he says. "I think the software used in it will run on previous series phones as well."

Leaving aside the design of the iPhone 13 series, Steve Wozniak seems right. This phone is almost the same as the iPhone 12, which uses only a screen-based notch. The size of the camera module has also been slightly enlarged, but this is not something that is easily recognizable. The most notable upgrade to the iPhone 13 series over its predecessor is the 120Hz display, making the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max the first iPhone to support a high-refresh display.

BingMag.com Steve Waznik does not differentiate between the iPhone 13 series and previous generations

This 120Hz display, which comes with improved camera and processor performance on the iPhone 13, does not seem to be able to get iPhone 12 users to buy it. Wesseed. Because most of them do not distinguish between the two phones. Interestingly, Wozniak made it clear in his speech that he was still committed to the iPhone 8 Series. Not bad to know that the iPhone 8 series was unveiled in 2017 with a 4.7-inch screen. Wozniak says the phone feels like the iPhone 7 as well as the iPhone 6.

Wozniak made similar remarks in 2017, when the iPhone X hit the market, saying that on the first day of release It will not buy this phone. However, he praised the Apple Watch, calling it a piece of his favorite technology. He also expressed his desire to produce clamshell iPhones. However, if you're one of those people who agrees with Apple co-founder on the iPhone 13, Apple's future iPhone 14 will definitely surprise you.

It is said that the next generation of Apple smartphones will probably be a major overhaul. Will experience in design language. The iPhone 14 is likely to become one of Apple's most important iPhones. Because the iPhone 13 looks more like an upgraded version of the iPhone 12, Apple is planning more new changes and features for next year's flagships. For example, it is said that the notch is to be removed altogether and the touch ID is to be returned, this time under the screen. Rumors from the Chinese website MyDrivers indicate that the Cupertinos will go a step further and that the iPhone 14 Pro models will apparently be equipped with a staggering 2TB storage option; Of course, this rumor should be viewed with some skepticism. It is claimed that Apple will use QLC flash memory for the iPhone next year and will increase its capacity to 2 terabytes thanks to new storage technology. The rumor is in line with a report from Digitimes last week, according to which Apple will use new storage technologies for next year's iPhone; But the report does not explicitly mention the 2TB option.

BingMag.com Steve Waznik does not differentiate between the iPhone 13 series and previous generations According to John Prosser The iPhone 14 will be a combination of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 4 in appearance, and still uses flat edges, with the difference that, like the iPhone 4, these edges may have buttons for volume and volume. In addition, it is said that these edges are made of titanium and in this regard will be more durable and resistant than previous iPhones. Also, the back panel will be glass like before. Another case that has been rumored to be without the iPhone 14 port. However, John Prosser denies this claim, saying that this model will still be equipped with a Lightning port.

But one of the most important changes we expect in the iPhone 14 is the return of the Touch ID. But apparently the Touch ID is not going to be integrated with the power button, and like the fingerprint sensor of many Android phones, it is going to be moved below the screen. In addition, it has been said that the iPhone 14 camera lenses will no longer protrude from the phone, and in this model, the back panel of the phone will be. We expect the iPhone 14 display not to change much compared to the iPhone 13 and 12. But since the iPhone 12 Mini did not sell well, it is said that Apple does not intend to produce the iPhone 14 Mini and wants to offer a new series in standard and Pro models with a 6.1-inch display and Plus and Pro Max with a 6.7-inch display. . Also, since the iPhone 13 will be available in its Pro models with a 120Hz display, it is likely that all iPhone 14 models will support the 120Hz refresh rate. Also, the always-on display is another feature that will be available on the iPhone 14. To make sure they are published.

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