Start saving with these 15 tips

Ever feel like no matter how hard you try, you still can't save money? Think it's impossible to find ways to save money? You may intend to do this and even try to reduce your expenses, but something always comes up and all your income is spent. Anything can happen in life: your car needs new tires, an appliance breaks down, your house needs repairs, or anything else. All in all, a lot of things can happen that take priority over saving money and you have to spend your income. Start saving with these 15 tips

Ever feel like no matter how hard you try, you still can't save money? Think it's impossible to find ways to save money? You may intend to do this and even try to reduce your expenses, but something always comes up and all your income is spent. Anything can happen in life: your car needs new tires, an appliance breaks down, your house needs repairs, or anything else. All in all, a lot of things can happen that take priority over saving money and you have to spend your income.

The truth is, you don't need everything to magically line up. Be compliant so you can start saving. If you wait for the right time to save, it will never come! So, the best time to start is now.

However, the good news is that there are many ways to start saving, and you can do so by using small savings in your spending. start. In this article, we introduce 15 tips and tricks to save money. These tips will help you to reduce your expenses and get on the path to savings in the shortest possible time.

15 practical ways to save

1. Say goodbye to debt

Monthly debt payments are the biggest obstacle to saving. These payments actually account for a large portion of your income. Debts actually destroy your income; So, maybe it's time to get out of debt. The easiest way to do this is to use the snowball method. With this method, you start by paying off the smallest debts and gradually pay off the largest ones. At first, you may think that this is very difficult, but don't worry. Once your income is free, then you can plan for it and start saving. Keep in mind, by bad debts, we do not mean paying installments of loans that were taken out for investment purposes. Because in this case, you are investing and saving over time, and there is nothing wrong with this.

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2. Reduce your grocery budget

Many people are surprised when they start budgeting their income and how much money they spend on groceries. Many people find it really strange to know how much they spend at the grocery store each month. Walking through the aisles of stores and picking up different items and treats is really easy and even enjoyable. But these small purchases add up to significant sums and blow a lot of budget.

There are different ways to save in this part of the expenses. But the simplest and most reasonable of them is to plan meals and shop consciously. That is, look at your stock of goods and food every week and buy only the items you need. Of course, this makes perfect sense, why should you really buy excess or re-buy what you already have at home?

If you want to save both money and time, shop online. Select. Different stores, like BingMag, send you all the things you need today; Therefore, you will no longer be tempted to buy foods by walking through the shelves and order only the necessary items. In other words, by using online shopping, you only stick to the list of necessary items and do not make impulsive purchases. Start saving with these 15 tips

3. Reduce your subscriptions

Today various internet entertainment and streaming services have been launched. You may register and pay subscription fees for several different services. Now is the time to reconsider your membership. Keep only the services you use regularly. Cancel infrequently used subscriptions. If after some time you realize that you really needed that service, there is no problem and you can order and renew it again. Remember, some of these services allow you to use multiple people at the same time. In this way, you can subscribe with your friends or family and save money.

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4. Forget the Brands

One of the best and easiest ways to save money is to forget the name brands. You must know how much the price of brand products and services is higher than their lesser known examples. But in reality, usually The only thing better about branded products is their marketing methods. This applies to all products: from clothes to medicines, food, home appliances, etc. Many products have a cheaper price than their well-known examples, but they work just as well and with the same quality.

5. Save Automatically

Did you know you can save without even realizing it? This is one of the smartest ways to save. It is enough to set up your bank account in such a way that every month and on the appointed date, an amount is withdrawn from your main account and deposited into your savings account. To begin with, you can start with smaller amounts and gradually increase it.

6. Spend Extra Earnings Wisely

Sometimes you get some unexpected extra money. For example, a good bonus may be paid to all employees of the company. In such a situation, you need to be careful that you spend them well and wisely.

If you still have debt in your life, one of the best decisions is to use this extra income to pay off your debt. You can also put some of it towards savings. In addition, transferring part of the money to the account and emergency fund (money that you are allowed to withdraw only in urgent and emergency situations) can be an interesting and appropriate approach.

7. Reducing Energy Costs Start saving with these 15 tips

Did you know that you can save money on your home utility bills by making a few changes? These changes can sometimes be as simple as shortening the duration of taking a shower or sealing the doors and windows of the house to reduce energy waste. Wearing some extra clothes in the winter and saving on gas consumption or using LED lamps can all help reduce the amount of your bills.

Many new appliances and home appliances are energy efficient and efficient, but they are expensive to buy. Is. By saving monthly and regularly, you can update your home appliances and take advantage of both the advantage of being modern and the advantage of reducing their energy consumption.

8. Do not eat out

It is quite clear and accepted that preparing and cooking food at home is much cheaper and more economical than buying prepared food from restaurants and catering centers. This difference may be less in some countries, but in others the difference is very significant. If you're one of those people who eats out several times a week, you might want to change your mind.

If you eat lunch at work and order it from somewhere. It is better to prepare your food from home and take it with you to work. You only need to practice this for a few weeks to notice the significant amount of money saved.

9. Get a discount

Getting a discount is not very common in some cultures, and if there is a discount, the amount is not significant. But in our Iranian culture, getting a discount is very common and known. Sometimes by getting a discount and haggling a little you can reduce a significant amount and make a profit. has been given on the products. You can use this opportunity to buy the products you will need soon from among the discounts provided.

10. Save on mobile phone bills

Some people have to pay a lot of money for their mobile phone bill every month. There are various ways to save on these costs. The simplest method is to reduce and manage consumption. But there are other methods, such as using incentive packages. If you use mobile internet, maybe it is better to think about getting fixed ADSL internet, because the amounts paid for these internets are much more affordable. Start saving with these 15 tips

11. Don't spend anything

This is quite strict and is for people who are really going to do anything to reduce their expenses. Challenge yourself to not spend as much as you can on anything. This work may require walking more on the way to work, suppressing the desire to eat certain foods, ignoring the oldness of certain items or eating repetitive meals.

However, this challenge cannot be too long and only Continue it for a few weeks. After you've been doing it successfully for a while, give yourself a reward. Of course, it is better to measure your savings. Maybe this method is not really suitable for your lifestyle and you cannot save a certain amount.

12. Make everything yourself

Before you place an order to buy a shelf, a bench or anything, think about whether you can produce it yourself? Today, thanks to the Internet, complete and comprehensive do-it-yourself tutorials are available. only enough Google the name of the desired product and the phrase DIY to display a wide range of educational videos and articles.

Of course, remember that this method does not work for all goods and products. On the other hand, to do some work, you need tools, the purchase of which can bring an additional cost to you. In addition, the quality of your handmade product is likely not comparable to the ready-made workshop samples. However, weigh all aspects. Doing things at home is possible in many cases. Weigh everything, maybe it will be really economical for you and help you save.

13. Eliminate going to a coffee shop

Going to a coffee shop cannot be considered as one of the necessary things in life and its elimination does not seem to harm anyone. Avoid this as much as possible and you will notice an increase in your saving power. Of course, coffee shop foods can be replaced with much cheaper ones. Many of the foods you order in the coffee shop can be prepared by yourself at much lower prices. From all the salads and drinks, to each of the cakes. For example, you can prepare and enjoy all kinds of drinks yourself at home. Cakes are also available in confectionary stores much cheaper.

14. Libraries are your friend

Reading is definitely one of the best habits anyone can have, and we're not going to advise you to skimp on reading! But, before you add your favorite book to the shopping cart, take a look at the library near you. You may be able to borrow this book from there for a much cheaper price. Nowadays, digital and audio versions of books are also available, which are much cheaper than buying physical books.

Aside from saving money, buying less physical books is a way of helping the environment. is also counted.

15. Don't forget to visit Iran

Traveling can be expensive. You can take several approaches to reduce these costs. First, cancel your trip! We do not recommend this at all. Our suggestion is to make your trips economical. Instead of spending your money on foreign trips or traveling to distant provinces, devote your time to visiting and watching the attractions close to your city. In general, the further away your destination and the longer your trip, the more expensive it will be. Therefore, the best thing is to choose closer destinations and reduce the travel time a little.

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