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Starlink satellite internet will soon be available to all US users

BingMag.com Starlink satellite internet will soon be available to all US users

The development of Starlink satellite internet has now entered a new phase, and after passing the pilot phase, its official service will soon begin throughout the United States.

It was two weeks ago that the CEO of SpaecX announced that Starlink, the company's satellite Internet network, would soon be out of beta. Now, in response to a Twitter user, he has announced that the Internet will be available worldwide in the United States by the end of this month.

Internet access may be challenging, but it will gradually improve as Starlink's constellation fleet grows. Will put all over America. This is an issue that we will have to wait for in the coming months to spread to other parts of the world.

Still, the question is, how will Starlink global coverage be possible? Although the company currently operates in most US states, Ookla's data as Netindex's parent company shows that many areas still do not have enough coverage.

BingMag.com Starlink satellite internet will soon be available to all US users

Starlink Official Order Site
Credit: SpaceX

Users now have to go to the company's official website to use Starlink services and pre-order the service for $ 99 if they are in the covered areas. The number of users who have signed up for the service in the past now exceeds 500,000. 2022 or even 2023 will not be available depending on the region.

But SpaceX seems to be looking for new ways to accelerate this process. The company is developing a new user terminal with easier production and lower cost, and is expected to launch later this year (late fall).

Cover Photo: Starlink Satellite Internet Dish
> Credit: SpaceX

Sources: PC Mag, ArsTechnica

Source: gizmochina

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