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5 sports that benefit the most from artificial intelligence

BingMag.com 5 sports that benefit the most from artificial intelligence

In this article, we look at some examples of the use of artificial intelligence in five sports, including football, baseball, tennis, basketball and cricket. We will introduce some startups active in this field.

If you want to get acquainted with the use of artificial intelligence in these sports, join us at the end of the article.

BingMag.com 5 sports that benefit the most from artificial intelligence

1. Cricket

Artificial intelligence is used in cricket to improve game strategy, and machine learning can be used to predict the outcome of strategies. Thanks to the power of artificial intelligence, data analysis has reached its peak and plays a key role in information analysis and correct decision making using the decision review system (UDRS). Artificial intelligence can also be used to develop indoor or indoor stadiums, which can ensure that the game continues even in bad weather.

BingMag.com 5 sports that benefit the most from artificial intelligence

2. Baseball

One of the most important things that AI has done to revolutionize the sport is to analyze players' skills. Artificial intelligence can gather information about players, including average speed and the angle at which a stick is thrown or the speed at which players throw the ball out. This information is very useful in many ways; Gives players accurate insights into their own or their competitors' skills, helps coaches and sports clubs select the best players with comprehensive and accurate information about their skills, allows players to predict reactions based on previous data, etc.

In this sport, using virtual reality, a simulated tool that the battery can have intelligent exercises, that is, after each hand power stroke, it receives the accuracy of the throw, the amount of acceleration and such information that it can take its own blows. Manage in the best possible way and hit with enough knowledge.

BingMag.com 5 sports that benefit the most from artificial intelligence

3. Football

Artificial intelligence algorithms can lead to the development of the skills of players, coaches, teams, captains, and even help to improve the experience of those interested in the sport, and There is no doubt about it. Technologies such as Goal Line Technology (GLT), Video Assistant Referee (VAR) allow referees to make the right decisions throughout the game, and improve game performance. In terms of game prediction, Olocip (a Madrid-based company) uses machine learning algorithms to predict the next 15 minutes of live play based on the performance of the teams and their players.

BingMag.com 5 sports that benefit the most from artificial intelligence

4. Tennis

The pioneering Watson AI technology introduced by IBM is capable of understanding, learning and interacting; This technology allows tennis fans to experience the game up close, thus gaining valuable insights and improving their viewing experience. IBM Watson can identify the best moments of a match by listening to the noise of the crowd and understanding their emotions and reactions, as well as examining the body language of the spectators, and by using all these cases, effective videos. Produced and shared on social media.

BingMag.com 5 sports that benefit the most from artificial intelligence

5. Basketball

Basketball teams can improve their performance by focusing on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Using computer vision and programs based on artificial intelligence can help improve basketball players and their correct targeting. With the help of artificial intelligence, the player can identify the net and the three-point line and predict the conditions under which the ball thrown by the player enters the net. AI can provide players with other statistics such as throw angle, jump, reaction time and foot angle to have good control over their game.

Sports companies that focus on artificial intelligence

Nex Team - launching HomeCourt program for basketball players and some disciplines Others help to have targeted reactions with the help of artificial intelligence and computer vision training programs.

Catapult - The company has developed a wearable technology for soccer players that allows players to use their potential to succeed in the game and improve their performance.

Dojo Madness - This is a virtual coaching tool that reviews players' performance, gives them tips to improve the game, and analyzes itself after the game is over. Provides players with good insights into their performance.

Mustard And uses athlete mechanics analysis to provide tips for improving their performance.

Asensei - a coaching platform It uses motion sensors in sportswear to guide and correct individual training, and guides athletes just like a trainer.

with Given that artificial intelligence has entered the sports industry, then with the further development of artificial intelligence, sensors, processors and algorithms will be more refined and the audience will gain a richer experience. Change around the world. Given the importance of artificial intelligence in sports, not using it means staying away and not making progress in the industry.

Source: PhoneArena

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