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SpaceX took a step closer to launching the orbit of its most powerful missile

BingMag.com <b>SpaceX</b> <b>took</b> a <b>step</b> <b>closer</b> to <b>launching</b> the <b>orbit</b> of its <b>most</b> <b>powerful</b> missile

With Starship Environmental Assessment, SpaceX took another step closer to launching its most powerful rocket, which aims to travel to the Moon and Mars.

The Federal Aviation Administration released its expected environmental assessment on Monday (Tuesday morning, Iran time) from the Starbase SpaceX launch site in Boca Shika, Texas, and the Starship launch program.

The regulator has found that SpaceX programs do not have a significant impact on the environment, but it has also required the company to take steps to reduce environmental impact before the start of subsequent test flights. The Environmental Assessment Program of the Federal Aviation Administration (PEA), presented in 183 pages, outlines the potential consequences of the Starbis space launch series and the SpaceX launch program in everything from noise pollution. From breaking the sound barrier to light pollution and affecting the local population of sea turtles he does not give. The agency said in a press release that SpaceX should take a total of more than 75 mitigation measures to comply with the assessment.

The company should, for example, Accompany a "qualified biologist" and expert in metering to follow a lighting management plan for the launch site. To Florida, where the company is currently launching its Falcon 9 rocket launches from the Kennedy Space Center , . However, a day before the PEA was released, Reuters reported that NASA wanted to ensure that the launch of the Starship from Florida would not damage the infrastructure needed to support the International Space Station.

The Federal Aviation Administration's final decision The so-called "diminishing findings without significant impact" means that SpaceX will not have to participate in a much deeper environmental impact assessment process that may take months or even years. Recent FAA findings, however, do not guarantee a launch permit, even if SpaceX complies with more than 75 required changes. "The SpaceX licensing program must also meet the safety, risk and financial liability requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration," the environmental study said. It is located in the southern tip of Texas. The company has told the Federal Aviation Administration that it wants to launch 20 submarine-launched submarine launches a year, bringing the maximum number of orbital launches of the giant missile to five. The launches also include the return of the massive "Super Heavy" amplifier, in the same way that Falcon 9 boosters land on land or sea return platforms today.

The final assessment takes the company "one step closer" to the first Starship orbital launch.

Cover Photo: Overview of the Starbucks SpaceX

Credit: SpaceX

Source: Tech Crunch

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