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SpaceX has started the next phase of the establishment of Starlink satellite internet

BingMag.com SpaceX has started the next phase of the establishment of Starlink satellite internet

SpaceX began the next phase of the establishment of its broadband Internet satellite by sending Starlink operational satellites into polar orbit.

This was Starlink's first exclusive launch since May 26. However, the three Starlink satellites had previously been in orbit during the Transporter-2 mission, which was launched on June 30 (July 9). SpaceX had previously placed Starlink satellites in polar orbit on a trial basis, but today the first operational launch of these satellites took place to begin the next phase of the development of the Starlink network.

The completion of a new series of satellites, which includes laser communication between satellites. These inter-satellite communications minimize the number of ground stations required by the network to provide services in the Arctic and oceans.

    Starlink Internet Covers

Gwynne Shotwell, Executive Director, SpaceX attributed the launch delay to an attempt to equip the satellites with cross-communications, and estimated the next launch time for the next three weeks. The estimate was made by a successful launch today.

According to him, all subsequent Starlink satellites have intermediate laser links. SpaceX also stressed that it is working on a new receiver and end-user terminal that will be cheaper and faster to produce. 51 satellites were injected into the polar orbit. SpaceX, however, did not say whether the decrease in the number of satellites was due to a higher orbital slope, greater mass or size.

This is also the first launch of SpaceX's two major launches this week. The Falcon 9 rocket with another experienced booster is scheduled to launch the four occupants of the "Inspiration 4" mission into orbit on Thursday in the first all-city space mission in history.

Cover Photo: Launch of the first Falcon 9 SpaceX rocket Operational launch of Starlink to polar orbit

Credit: SpaceX

Source: Space News

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