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SpaceX fired the authors of an open letter against Ilan Mask

SpaceX has fired a number of employees of the company who wrote open letters criticizing Ilan Musk's behavior. In part, the letter described Ilan Mask's behavior as "a constant source of embarrassment for the company's employees." In another part of it, SpaceX was asked to publicly investigate and condemn Ilan Mask's harmful behaviors.

Our most prominent spokesperson, Ilan Mask, is considered the face of SpaceX; Every tweet he posts is seen as a public statement by the company. "Our talented team needs to be reassured that their messages will not affect our work, our mission and our value." Noise fired on Thursday evening. The senior official wrote in the email that the authors of the letter pressured other employees to sign something that did not reflect their true views.

Ilan Mask has been one of the richest people in the world for years. But his actions have been making more noise since he filed a $ 44 billion Twitter bid. Some time ago, there was a report about the sexual scandal of Mr. Ilan Musk, who apparently paid about $ 250,000 to cover up this issue. But no evidence was provided for this claim, and Mr. Musk denied it altogether.

Source: The Verge

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