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The SpaceX crew shared space photos taken by the iPhone

BingMag.com The SpaceX crew shared space photos taken by the iPhone

As space travel becomes more accessible to more and more people, we should expect to capture space moments with practical gadgets on Earth, and That's why, in addition to the DSLR camera, the passengers of the first all-citizen space mission in history have also taken impressive photos of space with their iPhones.

In recent weeks, using the SpaceX manned capsule and launcher, they have carried out the first all-citizen space mission in history, and have recently begun sharing some high-quality images taken with Nikon's powerful camera.

Jared Isaacman, the commander of the mission, shared another photo of the mission taken with the iPhone 12, and given that Apple offers one of the best technologies in the field of mobile phone cameras, the image quality is recorded. From an altitude of more than 575 km above the ground, Not surprisingly.

Isaacman took this photo and, of course, his own space videos through the SpaceX glass dome designed for space tourism missions. Once securely in space, the conical nose of the SpaceX Dragon Capsule opens to allow the Earth and space to be viewed 360 degrees.

Previously, another Sian Procter The Inspire 4 mission passenger also shared a spectacular video of the planet Earth and the first citizen-astronaut look at the planet Earth, using a spectacular iPhone from inside the Dragon manned capsule.

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The crew is expected to share more images and videos taken with iPhone and Nikon cameras in the coming weeks, as well as other stunning views from Show the land to its inhabitants. Images taken from a height above the International Space Station and even the current position of the Hubble Space Telescope.

BingMag.com The SpaceX crew shared space photos taken by the iPhone

Of course, Apple, which has now expanded its phone cameras with the iPhone 13, is not the only tech giant to offer a smartphone with a great camera system. Samsung, for example, with the flagship Galaxy S21 Ultra, maximized the advancement of technology in smartphones, which was welcomed by critics, and we have to wait for its development in the S22 series.

Cover photo: Ground view and capsule hatch SpaceX, registered by iPhone 12.
Credit: Jared Isaacman, SpaceX/Inspiration4

Source: Digital Trends

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