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The SpaceX cargo spacecraft returned to Earth with gravity-sensitive experiments

BingMag.com The SpaceX cargo spacecraft returned to Earth with gravity-sensitive experiments

The Dragon SpaceX cargo spacecraft, which left the International Space Station last night after a month of companionship, underwent gravity-sensitive scientific experiments this morning. Earth returned.

This capsule with 2900 kg of scientific experiments and other equipment was separated from the space station yesterday at 09:12 Eastern time zone (16:42 Tehran time) and decreased to the Earth's orbital height. While the mission was controlled by the ground control team in Howorton, California, NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough oversaw the operation from inside the International Space Station dome to the Dragon capsule. "Get out of the Harmony module and turn on your propulsion." Kimbero said of the operation: It had a station, thank you. The SpaceX 23 cargo capsule consignment has taken a lot of time from the station crew over the past month, and we look forward to hearing the results of our tests. I hope the cargo will have a safe journey to Earth. At 22:59 Eastern time (06:29 Tehran time), the spacecraft finally landed safely off the coast of Florida.

A space is moved slowly, a short distance from the landing site. According to NASA, this short distance is important for this special payload because the capsule has micro-gravity experiments that may be affected by prolonged exposure to gravity in an unprotected environment.

Many These tests are in the field of biomedicine. Some focus on the development of analytical diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and type 2 diabetes, and other experiments have examined muscle atrophy and gene expression in space. Researchers make the first rapid assessment They do the processing center to prevent them from being affected by gravity. They will then carry out in-depth analysis in more specialized laboratories. The SpaceX commercial cargo mission is to supply the station with the equipment and supplies it needs. Occupied CRS-23 mission is to be connected by SpaceX's next manned mission called "Crew Dragon 3". 23 is connected to the space station.
Credit: SpaceX

Sources: Space, SpaceX

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