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The South Korean government wants a test version of 6G technology ready by 2026

BingMag.com The <b>South</b> <b>Korean</b> <b>government</b> <b>wants</b> a <b>test</b> <b>version</b> of 6G <b>technology</b> <b>ready</b> by 2026

South Korea, which is currently one of the most advanced countries in terms of providing 5G internet infrastructure, wants to be a leader in 6G internet as well, because the government It has asked companies to prepare the first version of the technology by 2026.

5G Internet is still not present in many countries of the world and is not widespread. In many countries, even the infrastructure to take advantage of this technology is not provided in large cities, let alone to see it spread. However, 5G Internet has matured enough and it is time for companies to work on newer technologies; The attractive 6G technology that South Korea seems to be the first company to work on. But how fast will 6G be?

There are currently a number of operations that require 1 terabyte per second to transmit data; This is about 1,000 times the bandwidth of current standard Ethernet ports. Also, the latency or ping time during this data transfer should be less than one tenth of a second/10,000,000 seconds. Strange figures that are beyond imagination, but believe it or not, we have. Now 6G technology seems to be blowing our minds. Theoretically, this technology is capable of 50 times faster than 5G Internet, while its latency is 10 times less. Below you can see the chart that Samsung has drawn from comparing 5G Internet (light blue) with 6G Internet (blue).

BingMag.com The <b>South</b> <b>Korean</b> <b>government</b> <b>wants</b> a <b>test</b> <b>version</b> of 6G <b>technology</b> <b>ready</b> by 2026

Note that it is not necessarily Samsung that wants to achieve 6G technology. Of course, this may be the case, but this recent request has been made by the South Korean government and has reached all companies active in this field. As you can see, in all respects, 6G Internet has a huge advantage over 5G, which makes us think how much faster technology is advancing these days than it was a few years ago. We really did not expect to see such a breakthrough at this rate.

The South Korean government's statement on access to 6G technology is as follows: Speaking of which, the current government is focusing on building memoryless chips, future cars and biotech. But the new government wants to add to these technologies 6G connectivity, batteries and secondary displays, defense and aerospace advances, advanced nuclear power plants, and digital content.

South Korea's goal is to finally be able to In 2026, it will have a prototype of 6G technology. This means that the technology should be ready for use in the late 2020s or early 2030s. To achieve such technology must be done. But companies seem to be growing much faster than expected. Last year, Samsung was able to transmit 6G tetrahertz (6G THz) data up to 15 meters. But it did not take long for LG to increase this to 100 meters. This is a major breakthrough in the pursuit of 6G technology, which is accelerating day by day. It remains to be seen what more news will be released in the coming months.

What do you think about 6G technology and its high potential?

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