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Sony unveiled the A7 IV camera with a 33-megapixel sensor

Sony has unveiled the Alpha 7 IV camera, also known as the A7 IV. This new camera will replace the A7 III, which is actually the popular full-frame camera that Sony has introduced in 2018.

Sony puts all the photography features of the previous generation in the A7 IV. It has also improved all the video-related capabilities with this camera. In fact, in this new camera, Sony has tried to turn it into a hybrid camera in the best possible way, with excellent capabilities for photography and video recording.

A look at the technical specifications of the Sony A7 IV camera shows that This camera has a 33-megapixel Exmor R CMOS full-frame sensor. This new sensor has an ISO sensitivity range from 50 to 204800. Of course, we have to say that despite the many different capabilities, Sony has not advertised this new sensor.

This new sensor has a dual ISO, which is the second ISO used in this camera when the ISO number is increased to more than 3200. Activated. Sony also claims that the new sensor has a dynamic range of 15 stops.

In addition to this new sensor, Sony has also used the latest generation of BIONX XR image processor in this new camera. The company had previously used this new processor in the Sony Alpha 1 flagship camera.

BingMag.com Sony unveiled the A7 IV camera with a 33-megapixel sensor

Sony's new camera can shoot at a maximum speed of 10 frames per second with autofocus and exposure, and the camera has a larger buffer than its predecessor.

Autofocus system Used in this camera has 759 focus points with phase detection capability. This focusing system can also track subjects live, with the ability to detect the human eye, birds, and, for the first time, the eyes of animals in photography and video mode.

Sony A7 IV camera during video recording It can record 4K movies using all its sensors. Compared to the Sony A7 III, the Sony A7 IV can do this at 60 frames per second when shooting 4K video.

Of course, this camera is only It can do this in a state called Super 35mm. In this case, the camera reduces the image size and does not use the full width of the sensor to record video. The new camera can also record 10-bit videos in 4: 2: 2 colors, and it also supports the S-Cinetone image mode commonly found on Sony camcorders when shooting. p>

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Sony has also added some special features to this new camera that can only be used in the Sony A7 IV. Use them with Sony E-mount lenses.

One of these new features is the AF Assist mode, which supports focus shifting when using autofocus mode. Another feature is the Focus Map, which shows the depth of field to the user in different colors. , Tries to solve this problem and the field of view remains constant even when the focus changes from the beginning to the end.

BingMag.com Sony unveiled the A7 IV camera with a 33-megapixel sensor

Apart from the technical specifications of this camera, Sony has also made changes to the appearance of this camera so that it can use the new rotary knob to adjust the different shooting modes in this camera. This new rotary knob consists of two buttons that are stacked on top of each other.

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Auto P, A, S, M and MR and the button below has modes such as Still, Movie, S&Q and other different modes of this camera. Sony has also used a new rotating display in this camera.

It also has an electronic viewfinder with a resolution of 3.68 million dots, which is 1.6 times the resolution of this viewfinder compared to its previous generation. Has been. This camera has two updated memory card slots, one from the memory card slot used in this SD case and the other with the ability to support SD or CFexpress Type A cards.

This camera has a The full-size HDMI port is on the side that can be used for a variety of tasks, such as connecting to external monitors. In the meantime, Sony has moved the video recording button to the top of the camera so that users can use it easily. This camera also has a body made of magnesium alloy and resistant to various weather conditions, and the grip used in it has been improved.

Finally, we must say that the Sony A7 IV camera compared to the next generation The previous one has various improvements in the field of photography, especially filming. The estimated price for the body of this camera is $ 2,500 and this camera will be released in December. In addition to the hollow body, Sony is offering a version of the camera with a Sony 28-70mm EF lens and F3.5-5.6 OSS for $ 2,700.

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Source: GSMArena

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