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Sony has announced the launch of the Sony Mobility unit in the field of electric vehicles

BingMag.com <b>Sony</b> has <b>announced</b> the <b>launch</b> of the <b>Sony</b> <b>Mobility</b> <b>unit</b> in the <b>field</b> of <b>electric</b> vehicles

With the introduction of the transportation unit and the concept design of the Vision-S series cars, Sony intends to seriously focus on the electric vehicle and car industry.


During Sony's main presentation at CES 2022, the company saw the Vision S we saw last year, along with a new concept chassis called the Vision S 02 "(Vision-S 02) Introduced.

This time, however, the big surprise is the launch of Sony Mobility; A new company that will focus on electric vehicles. While the tech industry has been focusing on whether Apple will make an electric car for years, Sony has already introduced a prototype full of new technologies and is now going one step further.

Sony has released several demo videos featuring both prototypes of the Vision-S. Some of these presentations show moments of impeccable lifestyle that these cars can be a part of. Others demonstrate user interface design or test drive remotely with the help of the 5G network, which enables instant communication between Tokyo and Germany.

It is not yet clear whether all of these designs lead to Whether or not we will see the launch of a Sony-branded car one day, it is clear that the company has a vision for the future of electric and self-driving cars.

"We are considering the commercial launch of Sony electric vehicle." In this review, Sony is likely to look at how a creative entertainment company can redefine transportation.

At last year's unveiling of Vision-S, Sony talked about its capabilities with sensors, and we'll see. How it takes advantage of technology in the automotive industry. In 2021, the company, like automakers, ran into problems with chip shortages, but whether it intends to join automakers as a full-fledged competitor or seek a partnership to build a car is still unclear. p>

Cover Photo: Unveiling of Sony Vision S electric Vehicle Concept
Credit: Sony

Source: The Verge

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