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Some Samsung Galaxy A and M phones restart for no reason

BingMag.com Some Samsung Galaxy A and M phones restart for no reason

According to a report published on the SamMobile website, Samsung Galaxy A and M series phones seem to have a strange problem and in the form of They restart automatically and for no reason.

Samsung's Galaxy M and A series handsets have made a huge impact on the company becoming one of the most popular and best smartphone makers in the world. Many users around the world now use the company's mid-range phones, often the Galaxy A or Galaxy M series.

Samsung's mid-range handsets now reach several million units worldwide. And that number is growing, especially in emerging markets. Users are satisfied that they can get a good, valuable product in terms of hardware and software for as little as $ 500, so they are more likely to buy these phones.

Usually less It happens that a mid-range phone has a particular problem or the problem that arises has no solution. But as it turns out, some of the Samsung Galaxy A and M series handsets are having trouble restarting, and this happens completely for no reason and automatically. When the phone is about to restart, it first hangs completely and then turns off automatically and then turns on.

The problem of automatic restart of some Galaxy A and M phones does not seem to have a solution

This report has not been officially confirmed by Samsung, but many users of phones such as Galaxy M30s, Galaxy M31, Galaxy M31s, Galaxy A50, Galaxy A50s and Galaxy A51 in India are complaining about this. Thus, it seems that this problem, whatever it may be and for whatever reason, is fortunately only limited to a specific country and a series of specific handsets.

According to this report, the aforementioned handsets of the Galaxy A and M series without For no reason, they freeze during work and so-called regiment. In addition, they restart automatically many times. Such a problem makes it virtually impossible to use the phone because sometimes the phone may suddenly restart or hang while doing something important.

However, according to published reports, this seems to be the whole story. is not. Apparently, some of the phones mentioned above remain on the same boot screen after restarting and restarting, and the operating system no longer loads. In fact, when the Samsung logo is displayed, the phone stops and shows no reaction.

The official Samsung India forum also reported the problem in the last month or two, but it 's still news. There is no confirmation or denial from Samsung. Therefore, we do not know if this is a hardware or software problem and if it can be solved by doing a series of things or if the phone should be taken to a repair center.

to those users who take their phones to stores for repair It was said that they had to replace the phone motherboard and there is no other way to solve this problem. Doing so costs about $ 100 or more. Naturally, no one wants to pay that much for a problem that they did not cause themselves, or whether it is not at all clear whether it is really a good solution.

But if you are careful, the type of processor used in this The handsets are almost identical. All of the products mentioned above use Exynos 9610 or 9611 processors. It is not clear whether this problem is related to these processors or not, but in the end it is a common point between them and can be the main reason. What makes this problem more difficult is the smooth operation of these handsets in markets outside India; Where all these phones work without any problems.

Since going back to factory settings does not solve the problem and also paying $ 100 to solve it is not a logical solution and in some cases it is not possible. , Users hope Samsung itself will issue a statement on the issue to get them out of the confusion. Naturally, when this news is confirmed by Samsung, there is a possibility that the cost of repair will be reduced. But unfortunately, the Korean company does not pay much attention to mid-range phones, which are also the main reason for the company's success.

If your Galaxy A or Galaxy M is also struggling with the problem of automatic restart, Reset to factory settings; If the problem is solved, it is great, but if the problem persists, you will have to wait and see what solution Samsung offers in this regard, or who finally manages to find the root cause and the solution. p>

Source: SamMobile

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