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Snapdragon 7 Generation 1 benchmark results show disappointing performance

BingMag.com <b>Snapdragon</b> 7 <b>Generation</b> 1 <b>benchmark</b> <b>results</b> <b>show</b> <b>disappointing</b> performance

There have been sporadic reports in recent weeks about Qualcomm's latest intermediate chip called Snapdragon 7 Generation 1. At first it seemed that this chip has a lot to say in terms of performance, but now based on the published benchmark results, apparently the performance of this chip will be weaker than expected. According to previous reports, the processor in this chip uses 4 A710 and 4 A510 cores, and Adreno 662 is also supposed to serve as its GPU. This means that the chip in question will be a direct competitor to Dimension 8000 and Dimension 8100.

Last year, Qualcomm changed the naming process of its chips. For example, we can mention the Snapdragon 8 Generation 1. In this new strategy, the first number refers to the desired chip family, and the second number indicates the Generation of this chip. That's why the company's best mid-range chip is set to be called the Snapdragon 7 1st Generation. Of course, Qualcomm has not yet officially confirmed the name.

A well-known Chinese whistleblower yesterday released the results of the AnTuTu benchmark attributed to this Qualcomm chip, according to which it is much poorer in performance than the 8000 Density chip. And Dynamite 8100 is MediaTek. Based on this test, the 1st Generation Snapdragon 7 processor and GPU were able to score about 170,000. It should be noted that the previous Generation of this chip, the Snapdragon 778G, scored about 160,000 points in these two areas. This means that the Snapdragon 7 Generation 1 does not seem to be a much better model than the previous generation.

BingMag.com <b>Snapdragon</b> 7 <b>Generation</b> 1 <b>benchmark</b> <b>results</b> <b>show</b> <b>disappointing</b> performance

A number of Snapdragon 7 Generation 1 features have been approved in this benchmark. For example, as we said, its processor uses a quad-core A710 with a speed of 2361 MHz and a quad-core A510 with a speed of 1804 MHz. Qualcomm is said to be launching mass production of the chip soon, but it is not yet clear when the first handsets based on it will hit the market.

In this regard, we can refer to reports of delay in the release of the Snapdragon 8 Let's mention the 1st generation. Unlike the original model produced by Samsung, Qualcomm has outsourced the production of the Plus model to TSMC. Given that experts say TSMC chips usually have more to say, the Plus model will likely perform much better in terms of both heat and power consumption than the standard model.

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