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3 simple ways to gain trust through body language

BingMag.com 3 <b>simple</b> <b>ways</b> to <b>gain</b> <b>trust</b> <b>through</b> <b>body</b> language

You've probably heard it said that you should not judge people by their appearance. But the problem is that people are often judged by their appearance, and this is not only natural, but in many cases it can lead to the right result. This can be a crisis for some managers of organizations. For example, the manager should always inspire trust among the employees of the organization by his behavior. All employees should be able to trust him. It does not matter if he is handsome and handsome, has good eye contact when talking, and in many cases, it is enough just not to convey emotions with his face so that employees do not trust him. In other words, employees feel that they are not trustworthy just because of their appearance. In this particular example, one has to convey one's feelings through the face when speaking or hearing others speak. The fact that there is no feeling on his face, of course, will not make a connection. The topic of our discussion in this article is building trust through the proper use of body language. Even if you are a completely trustworthy person, but you use the wrong body language when communicating with others, they may not trust you or even feel distrustful.

Why is trust so important? Is? According to a 2017 study published in the Harvard Business Review, employees of organizations that trust their leaders and managers are about 50 percent more efficient, 13 percent less sick and sick, 76 percent more committed, and 106 percent more energized. Had a workplace; Therefore, building trust in an organization is not fun, but necessary!

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Many work environments today it has been changed. Many people work remotely, sometimes attending in person, some large open offices. In such a situation, many are looking for a shortcut to building trust in people. They like a way that can build trust in the audience in the first encounter.

The only way that can be suggested to this group of people is to use body language correctly. Your facial expressions when speaking or listening to others should be able to convey a sense of trust. Here are some ways to use facial expressions to gain people's trust.

Focus on the present

When you speak, do not think about what you want to say next. Just think about what you are talking about.

You may say, "I'm glad to be here" or "I'm happy to talk to you," but you do not really have any of these feelings. And you even say in your mind, "I wish I was not here," "I wish I was not so anxious, I'm not ready for this meeting." If you even think about these feelings, there is no need to express them, because your facial expressions will convey them. In fact, what you say is not the same as what you see on your face, and it will be clear that even you do not believe it.

To do this, you must learn to focus only on what you say. Be focused. I remember a host asking a ski champion who had a very long jump, "What were you thinking when you were in the air?" The champion replied, "At that moment, I was only thinking about what I was doing." Be what you think about what you say!

BingMag.com 3 <b>simple</b> <b>ways</b> to <b>gain</b> <b>trust</b> <b>through</b> <b>body</b> language

Of all the emotions and states of your body Use

It is not possible to just shake your lips, play with your eyebrows, or focus on your forehead when talking to others. All of this can only be done by cinematic actors, in the right light conditions and at the ideal camera angle, with all the focus on the person's facial expressions. You are not playing in a movie. You are in a real world and all human emotions are with you. It is not possible to use only certain moods and emotions; Therefore, try to use all the emotions and postures of your body.

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With all these descriptions, How should we use all the emotions and states of our body? You need to let your emotions be expressed. Do you remember the example of a person who was mentioned in the introduction of the article and his facial expressions were difficult? His father had a cancerous motor and had been in a coma for many years, living a vegetarian life. All this time he had to learn to hide his feelings. For years, he tried not to reveal anything about his facial expressions so as not to annoy those around him. This may be a good approach to your personal life, but it is not a good way to build trust in the workplace. In work and social settings, you should use facial expressions to gain the trust of the audience.

Have more control over your face

The human face has 43 muscles. Like any other muscle in your body, if you do not use them, you will weaken and lose them. If you do not use the facial muscles, you will lose the ability to control them for different emotions and moods. Therefore, do facial muscle contraction exercises and try to use all of its muscles. Try to open your mouth wide and move your lower jaw from side to side and repeat. Open and close your eyes several times. You do not need to do all this in front of a mirror. Take a few minutes during the day to do these things. When your facial muscles are fully prepared and soft, your facial expressions will show themselves much better. Dry and stagnant muscles cause some emotions to not reflect well on your face.

There is a lot of debate today about how accurately people read faces and understand their moods. Some studies have examined these 43 muscles of the human face and examined the relationship between their movement and a person's emotions. Findings indicate that facial expressions must be considered in the desired environment and taking into account the culture and environmental characteristics. Otherwise, many guesses about a person's feelings can be wrong.

However, experience shows that neutral facial expressions always create the most confidence. Neutral means being yourself and not trying to express a particular mood. In this situation, the audience will notice and feel the connection between the conversation and yourself. Most importantly, they believe that you really believe in yourself, and that is enough to make you and your words trust.

Finally, remember that trust is a feeling, not a feeling. Computer algorithm. Proper use of facial expressions and body language can intensify this feeling in people.

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