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See the moment a large object hits Jupiter

Last week, some amateur astronomers around the world, pointing their telescopes at Jupiter as usual, were suddenly struck by a strange glow in the solar system's gas giant, signaling the impact of a large object on the planet./p>

Analyzing data from astronomers around the world, it was found that this sudden light was not from a satellite or an airplane, and that a mass had actually fallen into Jupiter's clouds. According to the Sky and Telescope Astronomical Database, this is the eighth case in the last 27 years of a collision with a customer.

It was in 1994 that Shoemaker-Levy 9 comets They hit the gas giant of the solar system and for some time caused turbulence in its upper atmosphere. "This collision created giant holes the size of Earth in Jupiter's clouds," said Paul Byrne, an assistant professor of earth and planetary sciences at the University of Washington. However, Jupiter, which is much larger than Earth, simply repaired the hole.

The previous collision occurred in 2019. This time, however, more fascinating images have been captured by astronomers around the world. Including another video produced by the French AstroQueyras Observatory.

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  • Hubble spectacular high-resolution image of Jupiter's turbulent environment

Be. As the mass descends into the atmosphere of Jupiter, it experiences intense and hot friction, which causes it to explode for a moment and its light to be seen momentarily. Just like meteors burning in the Earth's atmosphere.

A few days after the collision, and since no permanent hole was created in Jupiter's atmosphere, astronomers do not think it was too massive and wide. Tens of meters, and according to estimates, something like 40 to 100 meters.

However, for more details and to detect the temporary deformation of Jupiter clouds in the collision area, astronomers are currently studying the collision site more closely./p>

Cover Photo: Jupiter from a close look at the Juno spacecraft

Image Credit: NASA

Video Credit: Jose Luis Pereira

source: Mashable, Sky & Telescope , Gizmodo </ a >

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