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See the images recorded by Xiaomi 12S Ultra; The successor to the DSLR camera is on the way

BingMag.com <b>See</b> the <b>images</b> <b>recorded</b> by <b>Xiaomi</b> <b>12S</b> <b>Ultra;</b> The <b>successor</b> to the <b>DSLR</b> <b>camera</b> is on the way

Recently, a sample of images recorded by the powerful camera of the Xiaomi 12S Ultra phone has been released. DSLR cameras record.

The dream of smartphones with a powerful 1-inch sensor is finally coming true. It seems that we are very close to DSLR cameras; Of course, even now phones such as Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1, Sharp Aquos R6 and R7, and of course Sony Xperia Pro Mark 1 use a 1-inch sensor, but the way this sensor is used by different companies differs from each other, and as a result, the images are of poor quality. are recorded differently. For example:

  • The Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1 looks more like a camera than a smartphone. Also, the 1-inch sensor used in it is not optimized at all, so that the images recorded with it appear completely lower than expected.
  • Sharp Aquos R6 and R7 had only one camera on their back panel and one of the technologies Attractive and advanced technologies such as computational photography were useless. As a result, the high potential of their powerful sensor was not used.
  • Sony Xperia Pro Mark 1, although it has a powerful sensor, but in terms of quality, it is almost equal to the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which has a 1.33-inch sensor. . This product entered the market with a very high price, to the extent that the expensive flagships of Apple and Samsung were considered cheap next to it.

If we factor in the 1-inch sensor, we See that none of the companies Above, they are not among the top companies active in the field of smartphone production, and their performance in the field of photography and videography is not at all what we expect. Because as mentioned, they only have the hardware and have ignored the software; Without software, the hardware can never show its full potential.

But it seems that finally a company is going to use the powerful 1-inch Sony sensor in its flagship phone, and it Xiaomi is also a company that dreams of reaching DSLR cameras.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra phone with a camera at the level of DSLR cameras

BingMag.com <b>See</b> the <b>images</b> <b>recorded</b> by <b>Xiaomi</b> <b>12S</b> <b>Ultra;</b> The <b>successor</b> to the <b>DSLR</b> <b>camera</b> is on the way

It was a few weeks ago that one of the famous whistleblowers in the field of technology, Ice Universe, published news on Twitter that the Xiaomi 12 Ultra will have the closest camera performance to DSLR cameras. had This news surprised all of us because around the same time, Sony had announced that smartphones will soon replace DSLR cameras. According to last year, the Chinese company will unveil an Ultra model as the most powerful flagship of 2022, but this did not happen and even now it is said that there will be no news of the 12 Ultra and instead, we will See the Xiaomi 12S Ultra. But the point is that Xiaomi has not launched any flagship device for more than a year, which means that the Chinese company has been trying to do everything in one product.

Until the unveiling of Xiaomi 12S Ultra, only There are two days left; A product that is said to be able to replace DSLR cameras with the extraordinary performance of its camera sensor. A 1-inch sensor specially designed for the Xiaomi flagship and thanks to the software optimizations of the Chinese company is going to bring about a great revolution in the smartphone industry. Announced:

After a lot of effort, we can finally share our latest achievement with you; Xiaomi's collaboration with Leica has marked a new era in photography technology. The Xiaomi 12S Ultra uses the IMX989 sensor, which is Sony's largest sensor to date. This 1-inch sensor can absorb a lot of light, which increases the focus speed and improves the dynamic range.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra; Creation of a masterpiece as a result of collaboration between Sony, Leica and Xiaomi

BingMag.com <b>See</b> the <b>images</b> <b>recorded</b> by <b>Xiaomi</b> <b>12S</b> <b>Ultra;</b> The <b>successor</b> to the <b>DSLR</b> <b>camera</b> is on the way

As mentioned above, Leica After Huawei was pushed to the brink of destruction, it decided to enter into cooperation with Xiaomi. In the smartphone world, these relationships are quite natural. For example, Sony, Nokia and Vivo cooperate with Zeiss and OnePlus with the legendary Hasselblad company. Now, only time will tell what kind of collaboration will eventually come to fruition.

But the collaboration between Xiaomi, Leica and Sony seems to be the first solid step towards achieving the eternal dream of smartphones, which is to produce a product with a camera. equal to DSLR cameras. The Xiaomi 12S Ultra will be equipped with Leica SUMMICRON optical lens, which has a very strong anti-reflection coating on it, not only on the main camera, but on all cameras. In practice, this lens should only reflect 0.2% of light attract 93%. This means that we will See ultra-clear lenses that can absorb light to the greatest extent even in adverse lighting conditions.

15 million dollar collaboration between Sony and Xiaomi to reach DSLR cameras

Sony and Xiaomi jointly designed the 1-inch IMX 989 sensor. That means Xiaomi and Sony were working on it before we could say it was designed specifically for the 12S Ultra. Of course, maybe the word "collaboration" is sometimes dumb and incomprehensible because we don't know exactly how it was formed, but it seems that this time the Xiaomi team really collaborated with Sony during the development of this sensor, and even the cost of 15 million dollars for its construction was shared between the two companies. According to Xiaomi's claim, the Sony IMX 989 sensor has 172% more light-sensitive area compared to the iPhone 13 Pro Max camera and is 32.5% faster in recording images. Such numbers and figures are not strange at all, because unlike the Sony Xperia Pro Mark 1, which technically uses a 1-inch sensor, Xiaomi wants to use all the space of the IMX 989 sensor, which, along with custom Leica lenses, should probably be at a distance of be ahead of many competitors.

Sample images recorded by Xiaomi 12S Ultra

But look at what a masterpiece the cooperation of three big companies, Sony, Xiaomi and Leica, has recorded in practice. If you pay attention, you will See that the camera of this phone creates a natural portrait effect on the images without needing a portrait camera or a mode under this title at all, and displays a lot of details in the focused area, even in low light conditions. Unfavorable lighting.

BingMag.com <b>See</b> the <b>images</b> <b>recorded</b> by <b>Xiaomi</b> <b>12S</b> <b>Ultra;</b> The <b>successor</b> to the <b>DSLR</b> <b>camera</b> is on the wayBingMag.com <b>See</b> the <b>images</b> <b>recorded</b> by <b>Xiaomi</b> <b>12S</b> <b>Ultra;</b> The <b>successor</b> to the <b>DSLR</b> <b>camera</b> is on the wayBingMag.com <b>See</b> the <b>images</b> <b>recorded</b> by <b>Xiaomi</b> <b>12S</b> <b>Ultra;</b> The <b>successor</b> to the <b>DSLR</b> <b>camera</b> is on the wayBingMag.com <b>See</b> the <b>images</b> <b>recorded</b> by <b>Xiaomi</b> <b>12S</b> <b>Ultra;</b> The <b>successor</b> to the <b>DSLR</b> <b>camera</b> is on the wayBingMag.com <b>See</b> the <b>images</b> <b>recorded</b> by <b>Xiaomi</b> <b>12S</b> <b>Ultra;</b> The <b>successor</b> to the <b>DSLR</b> <b>camera</b> is on the way

Not only in recording pictures, but also in recording videos The performance of this Sony sensor in the Xiaomi 12S Ultra is also expected to be unparalleled, because it can absorb a lot of light and separate the subjects from the background in the best possible way. Note that we're talking about a natural process of separating the subject from the background, not the software-based Portrait and Cinematic modes.

As it turns out, all 12S Ultra cameras are supposed to be amazing. . Unfortunately, we do not know what the cameras of this phone are supposed to have, but it is said that we will probably See the presence of two telephoto lenses on its back panel. However, we are not very sure about this.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra; An amazing flagship in every respect

Although camera-wise, the Xiaomi 12S Ultra will probably be the most unique flagship of 2022, but in other areas it seems to be the best. Among the features of this product, the following can be mentioned;

  • Using Snapdragon 8 generation 1 Plus, exceptional display, large battery and very fast charger
  • The least damage to the environment Life, with a durable and very high-quality and anti-stain leather back panel, lighter than Mi 11 Ultra and S22 Ultra
  • Exclusive Surge G1 chip to improve battery performance
  • Very powerful cooling system with design Biometric like a plant leaf, which uses a high-speed conduction channel for the movement of cold liquid, and its cooling quality is 100% better than the steam chamber.
  • The new proprietary internal memory technology that slows down over a long period of time.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra might be the best phone of 2022 with a DSLR camera, but there is a problem

If you have been following the news, we know that the Xiaomi 12S Ultra is not going to be the only product to be unveiled this year. Besides that, two standard and pro models will be unveiled. However, the Ultra model attracts all the attention.

As it seems, Xiaomi 12S and 12S Pro are going to replace the current 12 and 12 Pro. It is expected that these phones will go to the global market after the unveiling on July 4 (July 13). But we don't know if Xiaomi wants to introduce the Ultra model to the global market or not.

If we consider the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, the situation becomes complicated because Xiaomi made this product available in the European continent but in Very few until it finally runs out. We really don't know what the plan is for this year, although we really hope to See this attractive phone in global markets.

Xiaomi and Sony allow other companies to use IMX 989

Xiaomi For whatever reason, it was able to surpass other companies in terms of innovation in the camera sector this year. The Chinese company has taken the path that Huawei has taken before and hopes to achieve the success of its older brother in the future. In this way, the Chinese company does not pay any attention to the competitors and only continues its work. Just like what Huawei was doing, and by the way, with this policy, it was able to take Samsung's place at the top of the list of the top smartphone manufacturers in a short period of time. take over in the world.

But the interesting thing is that Sony and Xiaomi allow other companies to use this sensor, but they have to pay them a commission that is divided between these two companies. So Sony and Xiaomi's 1-inch sensor won't be exclusive to the 12S Ultra, which could be the best news for other companies who want to make their DSLR dreams come true.

As it seems, the first phone since 12S Ultra, which will be equipped with this sensor, will be the Honor Magic 5 Ultimate. Of course, this sensor is not the only star in the sky of smartphones, because it is said that Samsung is also working on a very powerful 200 megapixel sensor, whose sensor is as big and powerful as the IMX 989. Now it remains to be seen where this smartphone camera competition will eventually take us and whether smartphones can finally appear at the same size as DSLR cameras or not.

What do you think? Can the Xiaomi 12S Ultra be a good replacement for low-end DSLR cameras?

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