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See the first iPhone with a USB-C port thanks to a student manipulation

Although there have been many rumors over the years about the possibility of iPhones using the USB-C port, Apple has not yet implemented this feature. But a robotics engineering student has created the first iPhone with a USB-C port. He has been able to insert such a port into the body of the iPhone X that allows the phone to be charged without the need for a Lightning port.

He has spent time. A few months ago, he made a simple prototype that could charge an iPhone battery via a USB-C port. This prototype was very large and did not fit inside the iPhone's body, so it had to be significantly reduced in size. It also has a flexible PCB board that sits inside the iPhone. In the released video, we can see some of the details of this process, but the inventor has announced that he will soon release a video to show the reverse engineering details of the C94 connector and the PCB board inside the iPhone.

Europe announced a few weeks ago that it wants to make USB-C port mandatory for phones and other gadgets. If the law goes into effect, Apple will have to launch iPhones with a USB-C port in about two years. On the other hand, there are various rumors about the supply of iPhones without ports.

  • The iPhone's Lightning port is not for convenience; Is for control

Source: The Verge

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