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Scientists first observed the moments before the explosion of a red supergiant

BingMag.com <b>Scientists</b> <b>first</b> <b>observed</b> the <b>moments</b> <b>before</b> the <b>explosion</b> of a <b>red</b> supergiant

Scientists have for the first time been able to observe a red supergiant just before its death and when it ended its life with a supernova explosion.

It is much easier for Scientists to see the chaotic aftermath of a stellar explosion than to see what is happening before. Eventually, however, astronomers were able to observe a red giant star just as it became a supernova, known as an exploding star.

Using a telescope in Hawaii, a team of Scientists In the summer of 2020, they made observations of a red supergiant star. In September, the same star died in a supernova called SN 2020tlf, which Scientists call "one of the most attractive" supernovae of its kind.

  • Hubble depicts wave dancing in supernova explosion "This is a breakthrough in our understanding of the activities that massive stars do moments before they die," he said, as the lead author of the article. For the first time we watched the explosion of a red supergiant star! "BingMag.com <b>Scientists</b> <b>first</b> <b>observed</b> the <b>moments</b> <b>before</b> the <b>explosion</b> of a <b>red</b> supergiant

    SN 2020tlf supernova explosion in NGC 5731 galaxy
    Credit: Pan-STARRS via Tech Explorist

    The exploding star, a red supergiant about 10 times the mass of the Sun, was located 120 million light-years from Earth in the galaxy NGC 5731.

    Astronomers made observations in the same area, including the supernova studied, with the help of a set of telescopes, such as the Coke Observatory. Observations began in January 2020 and lasted for almost a full year after the explosion. One of these observatories was NASA's Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory, which joined the team after the star exploded.

    Scientists have given insights into this area and how the star behaved in its final days and how the supernova was revealed.

    Showed in the area. To date, however, none of the observations have shown that the red giants behave differently before the explosion, but the activity of SN 2020tlf suggests that some of these stars may attract attention in this regard.

    "Rafaella Margoti "It's like watching a time bomb," said Raffaella Margutti, lead author of the study and astronomer at the University of California, Berkeley. "We have never confirmed such violent activity on a dying red giant star, where we see it emit such a strong emission of light, then it collapses and its remains continue to burn to this day."

    Astronomers hope Identify more red supergiant stars before they erupt. An issue that could lead to a better understanding of the final days leading up to a supernova explosion. "I'm very excited about all the new unknowns that have been created with this discovery," Jacobsan-Galan said. "Recognizing more events like NS 2020tlf will dramatically affect the way the final months of stellar evolution are defined, bringing observers and theorists together to try to solve the riddle of how to spend the last moments of massive star life."

    • Gemini superstar probably closer to Earth than previously thought

    Cover photo: SN 2020tlf red supernova graphic before explosion
    Credit: WM Keck Observatory/Adam Makarenko

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