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Samsung wants to release Android 12 for its phones by the end of this year

BingMag.com Samsung wants to release Android 12 for its phones by the end of this year

Android has 12 weird unveilings. Although this update is technically available now, users will not be able to experience it for several weeks, and even Google Pixels will have access to it in a few weeks. Meanwhile, Samsung is testing the beta version of Android 12, and it looks like the company plans to release a full version before the end of this year.

According to informed sources , Samsung has not released much information about the release date of Android 12, but apparently the company intends to make Android 12 available to users by December this year at the latest. The timeline was in line with the release of the previous generation Android last year, where Samsung released the first stable updates for Android 11 on December 2, 2020, just before its global release. So if nothing special happens, we can see the release of Android 12 later this year.

BingMag.com Samsung wants to release Android 12 for its phones by the end of this year

However, it is possible that this version will be released sooner. Samsung released its first public beta of Android 12 much earlier than scheduled in mid-September, followed by the release of a second update pack that supports Dynamic Color and more. December will definitely be a good time to release Samsung Android 12. But it is also possible in November.

In May, Google announced the details of Android 12 and introduced us to the new material U design. In Material You design language, everything has become bigger, more prominent, and more colorful that not all users may be interested in, yet it is a big change in Google's mobile operating system. The most important feature that Google is focusing on in this operating system is changing the dominant color of the operating system based on the background. That is, Android extracts 12 primary and secondary background colors and then changes the dominant color of the system (Accent) based on it. In addition to this feature, in Android 12 we will encounter new widgets, larger icons and more animations and security options.

Here are some new features of Android 12. As mentioned above, Google has used a new design language for Android 12 called Material You and has made extensive changes to the appearance of Android. This is one of the features of Samsung Android 12 and in general one of the features of Android 12. The most important difference between Android 11 and 12 is the new design language. Android in its current beta version has buttons that have a rounder shape, also more colors are used in the operating system environment and the animation movements are smoother.

A very interesting feature that has been added to this version is the Color feature. Extraction is despite this feature as one of the features of Android 12 and also changes Android 12 When you change the wallpaper of the phone, Android automatically selects the color that is more dominant and beautiful than other colors from your wallpaper image and other parts of the system. A factor like the notification section makes the lock screen and menus the same color.

BingMag.com Samsung wants to release Android 12 for its phones by the end of this year

Google This year's conference placed a lot of emphasis on security and privacy in the new version of Android. Android 12 uses the Android Private Compute Core engine for privacy capabilities. One of the functions of this engine, as one of the features of Android 12, is to monitor the performance of applications to make sure that they follow the privacy settings that you have defined for them.

For example, a new section called Privacy Dashboard As one of the features of Android 12 has been added to this operating system, by referring to it, you can see all the applications that are using a microphone or camera or have access to your location and contacts. Also at the top of this section is a pie chart that shows you what apps have accessed in the last 24 hours. We swiped down to see the circular icons at the top of the screen, but now one of the changes to Android 12 or the features of Android 12 is that these circles have become rectangles with rounded corners that function as before. For example, once you touch them, the relevant feature is activated or deactivated, and by holding your finger, you will be directed to their settings page.

In the new version of Android 12, there will be a remote control, which if a TV equipped with Android Allows you to control the TV using your phone. In addition to this feature, there will be a new feature called Car Key that if you have a car compatible with Android, you can use it to lock the car doors, unlock the doors and even turn on the car engine with the phone.

Android 12 is out of beta and will soon be available for pixel phones

Source: 9to5google

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