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Samsung wants to double sales of its clamshell phones by 2022

BingMag.com Samsung wants to double sales of its clamshell phones by 2022

Samsung wants to double the production of its clamshell phones by 2022, the year the Galaxy S22 series launches. Samsung officially entered the clamshell market in 2019, but it was not very pleasant. The company's first experience, along with the first user experience of a smartphone with a foldable display, made what Samsung called the Galaxy Fold not a good, high-quality product at all. Samsung, however, continued to improve this situation and became more popular in the market with the production and supply of phones such as Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy Z Flip, Z Flip 5G and Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3.

It seems that users are also interested in clamshell phones, because with more and more suppliers of parts needed to produce such phones, it was natural for their prices to fall, and as a result, users' purchasing power would increase. . Although Samsung continues to make regular-design handsets, it has shown that it is very serious about clamshell phones and plans for their future. Analysts at UBI Research have reportedly asked Samsung to double its production of folding OLED panels for next year. In 2021, Samsung produced about 8.1 million foldable OLED panels, which means 8 million foldable smartphones. Of course, not all of these 8 million on the product line are going to be used in the best possible way, but in general, 80 to 90% of these panels are used in phones that are now on the market.

But twice as much Bringing the number of panels to about 16 million means that Samsung intends to increase the number of clamshell phones it produces to around 14 million. A subsidiary of Samsung Display, known as Dowoo Insys, is currently responsible for the production of ultra-thin glass (UTG) for Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip phones. But it seems that the Korean company wants to further increase its assembly lines so that it can double its production capacity. According to forecasts by UBI Research, Samsung may be able to increase the production of its clamshell phones to 49 million by 2025.

Increase the production of their screens, it will be possible to sell their foldable screens to other companies active in this field such as Xiaomi, Vivo and companies like this, because they have also started their activity in the field of production of foldable phones and They will use screens made by Samsung in their phones. In addition to these two companies, companies such as Google and Apple also apparently intend to use Samsung's foldable screens for their future phones, and even if another company takes over, Samsung will definitely be the main supplier of these screens. It will be because it has enough experience in this field and the quality of the panels produced by this company is extremely high.

BingMag.com Samsung wants to double sales of its clamshell phones by 2022

Samsung has taken a strange policy this year, in 2021. Instead of unveiling a replacement for the Galaxy Note 20 series, the project to build these phones was canceled altogether, and in August, we saw the unveiling of clamshell phones. Of course, Samsung had previously added stylus support to the Galaxy S series flagships, but there was no slot for the stylus inside the handsets, so the user had to pay extra to buy the stylus after purchasing the stylus. As a result, the Galaxy S21 series was not very well received by users, so the launch of a Note series phone was felt more than ever.

Samsung, realizing the sensitivity of users to this issue, decided the Galaxy S22 Ultra Launch the market with pen support as well as a slot for pen placement. Of course, it seems that only this model has such a feature. In this way, the Korean company can safely remove the Note series from its product lines and replace them with a series of clamshell phones. Those who are interested in the Galaxy Note series phones can also buy the Galaxy S22 Ultra as a relatively expensive flagship. Many users think that in the future, these phones will probably enter the market with stylus support and will officially replace the Note series. Of course, there is no slot for holding the pen inside this phone, because in this case, the diameter of the phone would increase. But in the future, with the advancement of technology, it seems that Samsung will consider this slot for this phone. The Galaxy Z Flip 3, however, does not support the stylus, as the interesting thing about this phone is its very small size when folded, as well as its reasonable price.

It is still unclear whether Samsung will launch the product line in 2022. Increases your clamshells or not. We do not know if in 2022 we should see mid-range clamshell phones or if these phones, like the Note and S series, will only hit the market as flagships. Of course, given the decisions that other companies have made in this area, it seems that clamshell phones will shape the future of the smartphone industry. That means we'll have to wait for mid-range phones with this feature to be available in the near future. With a reasonable price and foldability, it can definitely be at the top of the table with a greater distance than other competitors. Samsung even leads the way in the production of clamshell phones with 91% share, and it remains to be seen to what extent it can maintain or even expand this superiority in the coming years.

Source: PhoneArena

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