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Samsung wants to compete with the iPad Pro with the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

Samsung will probably unveil the Galaxy Tab S8 series tablets early next year, which it looks like this time the Korean company wants a model called the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra will add to both the Standard and Plus models to compete with Apple's iPad Pro. Experience the good in selling smartphones as well as selling tablets. However, the company's products are very good in terms of quality and features, and it seems that the Galaxy Tab S8 series is no exception to this rule.

But unlike last year, when Samsung introduced the Galaxy Tab S7 series tablets in two The Standard and Plus models hit the market, this time they plan to offer three tablet models, one of which will be added to the current two models. This means that the same policy as for the Galaxy S series flagships in smartphones will apply to tablets as well. Has no rival. But the question is, will the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra be powerful enough to challenge the iPad Pro 2021? Considering the plans that Samsung has for its powerful products, we can say yes; The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra will have nothing less, at least in terms of hardware power, as the Exynos 2200 will apparently play the role of a beating heart with AMD's GPU, which is said to be able to compete even with Apple's stunning M1 chip, which is currently available. Used in the most powerful iPad Pro.

Other technical specifications of this product are also very good, including the display. Needless to say, if a product with the extension of Ultra and with the Samsung brand enters the market, it will definitely be equipped with the best display or one of the best screens on the market. The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is exactly one of those products that if it does not come with the best display, it will definitely have one of the best screens among the contenders. Even Samsung can equip the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra with a quality display, the Plus model and the standard model with medium screens to see a slight reduction in price.

The point that should be made about the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is a model with Snapdragon 898 processor. However, the source of this news claimed that the tablet expected by Samsung will be launched in a model with a powerful Qualcomm processor, and if such news is true, it means that Samsung has not yet made a final decision on the processor of its tablet. Maybe the company will make the same decision it has made over the years for its flagship phones; That is, to offer the Snapdragon-equipped model to the US and China, and the Exynos-equipped model to the European market and other parts of the world. But this is just speculation and we can not say for sure about its accuracy.

But apart from this discussion, any processor for this product in the Android world will be able to work Do your best and there is no doubt about it because both the Snapdragon 898 and the Exynos 2200 will be a good improvement over their current models and their performance will be superb. Especially since it is said that Samsung wants to use 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB of internal memory along with this processor so that we do not see any slowdown.

BingMag.com Samsung wants to compete with the iPad Pro with the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

Galaxy Tab S7 Plus

The most powerful iPad Pro is currently 12.9 inches and under construction Its display uses extremely new and advanced mini-LED technology. The tablet is also available in a model with 2TB of internal storage, so we can side with a small laptop. This is a very large size, but it looks like Samsung will launch a dealer with a larger display, as we have reportedly reported that the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra will be slightly larger than the 12.4-inch Galaxy Tab S7 Plus.

According to various rumors and news, it seems that Samsung wants to consider a 14.6-inch display for the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, which has a refresh rate of 120 Hz. A 11500 mAh battery will also act as a power supply. If so, Samsung's upcoming tablet will literally be a laptop with a touch screen and Android operating system.

It looks like these tablets will be on the market next year with the Galaxy S22 series. However, it seems that the number of Ultra models at the beginning of the release will be less than expected. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. We hear a news model. However, it is said that the price that Samsung will set for it will be $ 1320, which seems expensive. But for a tablet that is set to compete with the best tablet on the market and become one of the best in 2022, such a price does not seem to be high.

Source: PhoneArena

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