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Samsung to unveil 8K TVs with Neo QLED panel next week

BingMag.com <b>Samsung</b> to <b>unveil</b> 8K <b>TVs</b> with <b>Neo</b> <b>QLED</b> <b>panel</b> <b>next</b> week

It looks like Samsung apparently wants to unveil its new TVs next week with a Neo QLED panel and stunning 8K resolution.

Samsung is now one of the largest TV companies in the world, launching its products in a variety of categories, from economical to high-end, and is now well-represented around the world at various prices. has it. But it looks like next week we should see the unveiling of new high-end models that feature a panel with neo-technology.

Samsung was the first in 2018 to unveil an 8K TV with a QLED panel. . Since then, the Korean company has been working on the technologies used in this TV to be able to improve it and use it in a new product. Although that TV was a fantastic product in terms of quality, brightness, speed and everything in general, it seems that the Korean company wants in a live stream on March 30 (April 10) 8K TVs with a Neo panel. QLED unveiled.

It should be noted that neo-technology is not the first to be used in Samsung TVs. Last year, the Korean company unveiled the flagship QN900A 8K resolution TV and Neo QLED panel, which used new technology for TV backlighting and image processing algorithms. Because in this type of panels, the task of providing background tour is the responsibility of Mini-LEDs, each of which can provide light to a smaller part of the screen. This will adjust the brightness and darkness of the smallest parts of the screen, resulting in increased contrast and image quality.

Samsung's new Neo QLED 8K TVs claim that the company will be another definition of why the screen Which will have a unique and unique application in the lives of users. It seems that these TVs are in the best condition in all aspects, from quality and performance to speed and stability, which, of course, according to the specifications, we expect the same thing, because in this event, high-end TVs are to be unveiled. A high-end product from Samsung can not be expected to be normal. Live broadcast. You can watch the teaser for this event below.

Source: GSMArena

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