Samsung still failed to convince users to buy a foldable phone

Although Samsung's two new foldable phones are amazing and even slightly better than the previous generation, the company has yet to convince us that these phones are worth buying. compared to normal phones. Samsung still failed to convince users to buy a foldable phone

Although Samsung's two new foldable phones are amazing and even slightly better than the previous generation, the company has yet to convince us that these phones are worth buying. compared to normal phones.

Foldable phones are an extremely attractive idea. I mean, combine a great smartphone with a tablet, whenever you need one of the two, just fold or unfold the display. What's better than this? Just like science fiction movies, where smartphones seem much more innovative and unrealistic than what reality allows us to see. They want to implement ideas that are unattainable, or in other words, achieving them has its own difficulties and challenges, in the form of a film. These people have a very strong mentality and imagination and always think bigger than the limited world around them. Of course, we don't mean to disrespect the capable writers of ordinary movies and series (by ordinary, we mean the kind of movies that are not science fiction), because even the idea of a series of writers of science fiction movies turns out to be clichd and boring.

Exactly the same thing can be seen in the world of smartphones. A series of companies think bigger than the world around them, have engineers with exceptional imagination, abilities that allow them to implement any idea, even if it is impossible for other companies, and revolutionize an industry all at once, or its course altogether. to change This is our story with companies active in the field of folding smartphones, and in this article, Samsung in particular. A company that appeared in the role of the same expert writer of science fiction movies, but after some time of activity, it is falling.

Samsung's work in the design of the foldable phone is great, but...! Samsung still failed to convince users to buy a foldable phone

Samsung has done a great job! The folding phones made by the company are extremely high quality, beautiful, durable and powerful and can easily meet the needs of users in different sectors. Some users even consider them better and more practical than normal phones. Although other companies are also active in this field and their performance is really good, but the trust given to Samsung phones cannot be given to their representatives because Samsung has a bigger name and a longer history.

Galaxy Fold means It was a really bad experience. The following year, the situation improved, two years later, everything changed, and three years later, that is, now, we see that the situation has improved to some extent, but not very significantly. Samsung's decision exactly on the spot has left us in two hearts. Of course, not to folding technology in general, but to buying the models that are available now. Why should anyone give up a regular phone and buy a flip phone? Why should someone who can pay $1,000 for a great regular phone pay $1,800 for a phone with a 1-inch larger screen? Or why should he pay $1,000 if he ends up having to open the phone (not the phone lock, but the phone itself because this is the world of flip phones!) to reply to someone's message?

Of course it is. Criticism is more towards Z Fold than Z Flip. The second case has a more reasonable price and is more like a normal phone. More attractiveness can be used as a seasoning so that finally, no matter what happens, the purchase of this phone will find a valid reason. But what Samsung and other companies active in the field of producing phones like the Z Fold should do is to convince users that this phone "should" not "can" replace your regular phone.

Do you remember when Steve Jobs first unveiled the iPhone? Or the unveiling ceremony of the first Note phone? At that time, in order to meet the needs of users, it needed more space than 4 or 4.5 inches, it needed a smart interface and processor, it had to be equipped with more internal memory, it had to take pictures and many other things. It was at the same moment that Samsung and Apple decided to give Nokia and other brands a break of more than a decade and give them a new and more practical tool to meet the needs of users. At that time, people didn't buy Galaxy Note series phones because it was class for them, they bought them because it fulfilled their needs in a better way. But if we're being realistic, can we say the same about foldable phones now? The thing about flip phones is that they don't have some of the good features of regular phones. Compare that to the Galaxy S22 Ultra, for example. It is smaller, thicker, heavier and costs $600 more in the base model. On the other hand, Galaxy S22 Ultra has a bigger battery, more powerful cameras Yes, its display supports the S-Pen without any problems, and most importantly, the pen itself is built into the phone. Although the Z Fold 4 looks noticeably bigger when it's opened, normal phones aren't so small that we want to give up all of their strengths for just being 1 inch bigger.

Samsung knows that some Some of the users still haven't been able to come to the conclusion that why should they lose all these good things? These weaknesses that were mentioned were not the whole story. Flip phones, at least from what we learned in a recent review, tend to bubble if it gets cold or hot. This problem may not be widespread, but it exists, but we rarely hear about it in ordinary phones. You have to be very careful with its screen because not only is it vulnerable, but if it gets damaged, you have to pay a lot of money to repair it. The fact that the user can put the phone half-open on the table and watch a movie with half of it has been introduced as an attractive factor for the phone. Was this also the reason?! In fact, we call the display that is placed at the bottom, base, which can be accessed by buying a 10 dollar bag. Or put a series of things behind the phone. In this way, at least 600 dollars remain in our pocket and we are relieved that we have a good phone. Do you want to say that the pleasure of watching movies on the big screen of this phone is something else? When the phone is folded to watch a movie with it, half of the screen is lost, and in this case, what else is there to enjoy? Then you have to watch movies on a screen less than 4 inches, which completely questions the main purpose.

Multi-tasking is the best feature of foldable phones like Z-fold Samsung still failed to convince users to buy a foldable phone

If we want to say a strong point for folding phones that is really an important factor, it is multitasking. Thanks to the software optimizations made on these products, you can run and work with two, three or even four applications at the same time. This feature is amazing and we do not deny it at all. Being able to open my browser on one screen and have my notes application open on the next screen so I can write different things is really great, or listening to voice on one screen and taking notes on the next screen is really more attractive and convenient feature. Until I want to pull down the notification bar or go to an app's screen to fully control it. In general, the large screen is good; Both for playing games, reading books, and watching movies.

All these advantages are also available for tablets, and by equipping Galaxy Z Fold 4 with Android 12L operating system, Samsung showed that this phone is officially a The tablet can be made smaller. Although this is a good sign and Android 12L has seen many improvements during the time it was under the supervision of Google for development, there are still a series of applications that are not properly displayed on the large screen of these phones. . There are also a series of apps that seem to confuse the integrated folding screen with two-part folding phones like the Microsoft Duo and run in a strange way.

Samsung, however, has been able to do a great job in improving this situation. We're not saying that foldable phones don't do well in this regard, they're really great, but what we're saying is that they're not much more attractive than regular phones. At least not what you thought. except that they are foldable and can run several applications at the same time. For this, you have to pay at least $1,800; Be careful, at least!

Unfortunately or fortunately, foldable phones like the Z-fold are just big, heavy, expensive, low-strength, not-so-functional phones that fit at all. They are not designed with the current needs of users. It seems that next time, companies should ask users what design works best for them and then come to design a super professional and attractive ecosystem around it. Then take all these good experiences to the market in the form of a product. What's better than this? And at the same time, what's worse than to produce a phone with bad performance and without any sense of need around it, every year a little is added to its capabilities, but the most important part, the software, still has problems? We don't want to say that there is no future for foldable phones, what we are saying is that Samsung failed to convince us that a foldable phone is worth buying more than a regular phone with the Z Fold 4.

Look at Apple; The American company knows how to sell its products. For example, Mac, iPad, iPad Pro, iPhone, etc. are all sold in the highest amount, but Apple puts all of them together in the most unique and exceptional way possible, thanks to iClopud and the App Store. A highly professional ecosystem that provides users with a unique experience. You with Galaxy Z Fold 4 money You can buy an iPhone 13 and an iPad mini, save some money, and get a lot more. And in this case, they cannot convince users that they are worth buying more. A foldable phone will be good when it is not difficult to transport, it is light, it is slim, it is a combination of the best features of a phone and a tablet, it has optimal software, we don't expect significant improvements every year, and many other things, unfortunately most of them are currently there are. Therefore, lovers of foldable phones should wait a little and then pay for it because this technology is still new and needs time.

Samsung itself expects the sales of these phones to be more than the Galaxy S series phones by 2025. ; That is, the company hopes to make a change in the design of foldable phones in at least two years. I think to myself and come to the conclusion that when Samsung has to use hinges to keep the phone waterproof, which results in more creases in the screen and makes it thicker, the technology is still so new that To get better, it has to get worse in one area. So it's too early to trust it. However, this is still a personal opinion. It remains to be seen whether Samsung will create the transformation we want in its foldable phone by 2025. Please share your opinions with us in this regard.

Source: The Verge

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