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Samsung showcases its foldable screens

BingMag.com <b>Samsung</b> <b>showcases</b> its <b>foldable</b> screens

At Display Week 2022, Samsung unveiled its foldable screens, all of which have an OLED panel.

Recently, during the Display Week 2022 event, Samsung unveiled a series of folding and rolling screens in various categories, including small folding, rolling, and even larger screens than the phone display. At the moment, the Korean company is the best company in this field, and we did not expect it to show the most representatives in the mentioned event. Since this event is finally being held in person after three years, it is very interesting and exciting for many users to witness the most attractive current technology in the world of smartphones.

Samsung in addition to the cases It also unveiled the Flex G OLED pilot design at the event. This OLED panel can be folded inwards twice to make it a much smaller product. The interesting thing is that to open it, unlike the roller coaster, which rises from the side, this screen must be pulled up; That is, the way it opens is vertical. This attractive and unique feature can turn mobile phones into very useful and useful gadgets while browsing, reading various documents and surfing social networks.

BingMag.com <b>Samsung</b> <b>showcases</b> its <b>foldable</b> screens

Samsung also unveiled a large 12.4-inch display that expands horizontally from side to side, from an 8.1-inch display to a 12.4-inch display. Increase. This means that the product in question is a tablet with the ability to increase the size and not a phone or laptop. The interesting thing is that it seems that in this monitor, you only have no choice between 8.1 and 12.4, which means that you can adjust the display on any scale between these two values.

BingMag.com <b>Samsung</b> <b>showcases</b> its <b>foldable</b> screens

If Samsung fails Take advantage of these weaknesses and work on launching new products with accelerated folding or rolling screens, it will certainly not be a good fate. The Korean company made the mistake once in 2019 and spent the next year improving the situation so that users could rely on the folding technology again. But if it wants to make that mistake again now, because other companies are gradually preparing to launch new products, it may not be able to get the positive feedback it needs. At the time, it was Samsung's only competitor, so there was room to make mistakes as well as make up for it. They will one day be marketed as a real product. But patents are usually very difficult to make a reality. In general, do not expect everything you see to hit the market.

Currently, we only see the use of foldable display technology in the smartphone market. It remains to be seen whether other products will be equipped with this technology in the future.

Source: SamMobile

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