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Samsung Revolutionary Rome introduced; A 512 GB stick with a frequency of 7200 MHz!

Samsung recently unveiled its new RAM with 512 GB of DDR5 memory at a frequency of 7200 MHz on just one stick. A Revolutionary and amazing technology that we have never seen before!

Have you ever experienced a situation where your desktop or laptop computer does not have enough RAM to perform a simple task correctly and with acceptable speed? ? Has it ever happened that your RAM is too slow and low-capacity, failed to run an application properly, and the application is closed? Probably by opening several tabs in Google Chrome, you could take a short nap so that the computer can finally get rid of the regiment.

If you answered all these questions in the affirmative, you should know that Samsung is a very expensive solution. Extremely definite for this problem. The Korean company recently unveiled its new RAM memory with DDR5 technology. The amazing technology used to build this RAM allows it to reach 512 GB of memory on a single stick with an incredible speed of 7200 MHz. These numbers seem too high even on paper, let alone in practice.

BingMag.com <b>Samsung</b> <b>Revolutionary</b> <b>Rome</b> <b>introduced;</b> A <b>512</b> GB <b>stick</b> with a <b>frequency</b> of <b>7200</b> MHz!

Samsung intends to be a leader in the production and supply of DDR5 memory. Therefore, it has started its activity in this field with more and more power. The Korean company even recently posted a post on its YouTube channel describing the capabilities and technologies used in its new RAM memory. However, the same DDR5 at 7200 MHz is high enough that it does not need to be praised. The new DDR4 has been slightly upgraded. Below you can compare the two DDR4 and DDR5 RAM modules. According to the Korean company, this new technology has many advantages, the most important of which are a 40% reduction in the distance between the nannies and a significant increase in cooling quality thanks to better airflow.

BingMag.com <b>Samsung</b> <b>Revolutionary</b> <b>Rome</b> <b>introduced;</b> A <b>512</b> GB <b>stick</b> with a <b>frequency</b> of <b>7200</b> MHz!

The DDR5 module, with its slim and dense design, is 40% narrower than before, and the laminating space is reduced as well. As a result, Samsung was able to have a 512 GB stick with 8 DRAMs connected to each other. Thus, a slim, smaller, cooler, higher quality, 512GB module has been developed that can be considered a revolution in this field.

BingMag.com <b>Samsung</b> <b>Revolutionary</b> <b>Rome</b> <b>introduced;</b> A <b>512</b> GB <b>stick</b> with a <b>frequency</b> of <b>7200</b> MHz!

According to Samsung, this new technology, DDR5, is twice as fast as the previous generation. If what the Korean company is saying is really true in the real world, we should expect the fastest RAM with DDR5 technology to achieve a data transfer speed of 6400 Mbps, which is not a small number at all.

BingMag.com <b>Samsung</b> <b>Revolutionary</b> <b>Rome</b> <b>introduced;</b> A <b>512</b> GB <b>stick</b> with a <b>frequency</b> of <b>7200</b> MHz!

All this happened while there was no significant effect on the energy consumption of this RAM. This means that thanks to new technology, Samsung has not only been able to double its throughput, but it has also done so while energy consumption has not increased at all. In fact, if we want to go into detail, we must say that this technology is even 30% more efficient than the previous generation, because it requires a lower voltage to operate.

Samsung in introducing this product to this point He also mentioned that he would provide DDR5 RAMs first for databases and data centers, and then make them available to companies that make smartphones, laptops, and personal computers. Now, this exciting 512 GB RAM will be available to users or not is a question that we do not know the answer to and we have to wait for the company to publish a news in this regard.

Your comment on What is powerful and fast RAM with this memory? Will regular users be able to access this amount of RAM one day, or do you find it out of reach right now?

Source: Gizmochina

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