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Samsung's profitability has broken records thanks to the chip and smartphone segment

BingMag.com Samsung's profitability has broken records thanks to the chip and smartphone segment

Samsung in the third quarter of 2021 set a new revenue record with about 73.98 trillion Korean won or 63.1 billion dollars in its name Has registered. This amount has increased by 10% compared to the same period last year. Samsung also reported a profit of 15.82 trillion won ($ 13.5 billion), up 26 percent from the previous quarter.

Despite the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, the chip business The Korean tech giant has made about $ 26.4 trillion, or $ 22.6 billion, thanks to high demand for computer processors. Sales of IC RAM, mainly for servers, continue to grow, and is the main factor in Samsung's very good revenue in this area. Samsung says that despite the global shortage of chips, it has been able to continue its business as always with the outstanding performance of its products.

BingMag.com Samsung's profitability has broken records thanks to the chip and smartphone segment

In addition to the successful chipset business, Samsung's smartphone division also contributed significantly to breaking its third-quarter revenue record. Thanks to a strong product line and high sales of flagship models, the company was able to increase its revenue by 28.42 trillion won or $ 24.2 billion compared to the previous quarter. Samsung clamshell smartphones such as the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 have made a large contribution to this revenue. The company said that the expansion of investment in the marketing of clamshell phones has also had a significant impact on this success. Earn $ 5 billion. Samsung's display revenue has increased significantly compared to the previous quarter, primarily due to the high demand for small to medium-sized OLED panels, despite the weak demand for large-sized panels.

Good trends in the fourth quarter as well as optimistic for next year. But as the problem of global chip shortages affects various industries, the company must take a specific approach to its chip production. However, the company expects high demand for computer chips and servers to continue. The Korean tech giant looks set to make a lot more revenue for the fourth quarter of the year with a massive launch of SoC chips and the introduction of new 5G smartphones in 2022.

One of these smartphones is It will most likely bring in good revenue for Samsung, the new generation of the company's flagships, the Galaxy S22. There are a lot of rumors these days about the technical specifications of this series of phones in cyberspace. According to the latest reports, the design of the Galaxy S22 and S22 Ultra will be similar to the iPhone 13, but as you might expect, the Koreans will not go for the screen, and this design style will remain specific to the iPhone and, of course, the new generation MacBook Pro. The symmetrical edges around the display are no different from the current generation of Samsung flagships, so perhaps comparing them to the iPhone 13 series is about how the frame is designed. It is possible that Koreans, like iPhones, will equip their next flagships with flat frames. Of course, previous renderings have reported round frames of these products.

BingMag.com Samsung's profitability has broken records thanks to the chip and smartphone segment

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is expected to be the most powerful Next year, Samsung's flagship will have a lot of capabilities. But having a lot of features is not the whole story, but a flagship phone should have the best features as well. As it turns out, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is one of those flagships that is going to hit the market with a series of special and functional features. This smartphone will have a quad-core camera with the main 108-megapixel sensor of the Samsung HM3 with an aperture of f1.8 and a viewing angle of 85 degrees. The device is also equipped with a 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera with 120 aperture, a new 10-megapixel periscope sensor with 10x zoom capability, and a new Sony 10-megapixel telephoto camera with 3x optical zoom capability. The Galaxy S22 will be equipped with the next generation of mobile chips, Snapdragon 898 and Exynos 2200, which will see the use of AMD graphics processor in the Exynos chip. Of course, what a news website has just published is not necessarily innovative in terms of having a feature; Rather, it shows Samsung's significant progress in areas such as the camera and display. Apart from the foldable display phones, we have not seen any special innovations from smartphone manufacturers for several years, and only the same features are used with a slight improvement compared to the previous year. There have also been reports about the placement of the cameras on the back panel of the Galaxy S22 Plus, according to which it should be said that instead of the module, this time the lenses will be mounted separately on the back panel. These products are expected to be introduced early next year.

Source: Engadget

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