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Samsung plans to make smartwatches with solar charging capability

BingMag.com Samsung plans to make smartwatches with solar charging capability

One of the most important challenges for smartwatches is to discuss battery life and power consumption. Now it seems that Samsung wants to offer an interesting solution to this problem. The company filed a patent two years ago recently issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. In the documents and designs of this patent, we see a smartwatch with solar charging capability.

According to the designs in this patent, solar cells are installed in both parts of the strap that can supply the energy required by the battery. Given that about two years have passed since the patent was filed, it is likely that Samsung has spent a lot of time studying and developing this technology. Of course, we should note that Samsung is not alone in this idea.

The famous company Garmin has launched several models of smart watches with solar charging capability, and the latest model in this series is called Fenix 6X Pro Solar. This watch alone cannot get all the energy it needs from sunlight, but Garmin says this feature increases battery life.

BingMag.com Samsung plans to make smartwatches with solar charging capability

Samsung has to deal with such a challenge. Although the patent states that this method is highly efficient, in any case, Samsung can not fully charge its smartwatches only through solar cells. On the other hand, a user may wear long-sleeved clothes or spend a lot of time in a dimly lit environment, in which case the smartwatch relies solely on solar energy.

Finally, like other patent news, Emphasize that registering a patent does not necessarily mean implementing the idea. In general, what do you think about this idea? Should Samsung launch a solar-powered smartwatch? Leave your comments with us and others in the comments section.

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