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Samsung phones with Android 9 to 12 are at risk of being hacked

BingMag.com <b>Samsung</b> <b>phones</b> with <b>Android</b> 9 to 12 are at <b>risk</b> of <b>being</b> hacked

It seems that if Samsung does not update its old phones, a very serious security problem will threaten them because it is said that hackers are very They can be easily hacked.

Samsung is one of the few Android companies that offers software and security updates for its products very regularly. But apparently this early release does not mean high quality (sometimes). It seems that the Korean company's phones have a very serious security flaw that allows hackers to easily penetrate them and take control of the devices.

According to Kryptowire, a tool for testing It creates a level of security and security and privacy issues, apparently this security issue also known as CVE-2022-22292 can allow hackers to freely do whatever they want. These include making calls, installing and uninstalling applications, weakening HTTPS security by installing unverified malware, running applications in the background, and even returning the phone to factory settings, all of which can be extremely dangerous if left unchecked.

Kryptowire said about this security breach in Samsung phones:

Have you ever thought that maybe someone can access your phone? Unfortunately, we have to say that you are right. Smartphone apps are becoming a staple of personal information and business activities, and as a result are increasingly being targeted by hackers.

As mentioned, older Samsung smartphones seem to be more affected. The downside of this security breach is but the problem is that according to reports, all the phones of this company that currently use Android 9 to 12 are exposed to this problem. Samsung recently released a March security update for all of its handsets, and we did not expect to see such a problem any time soon, at least in Android 12. Apparently, the source of this problem is the phone application, which has a programming error, and since the phone application runs with a very high priority and is considered a system app, it leaves hackers free to do different things.

According to Kryptowire, this seems to be a problem already. It seems that in November 2021, exactly the same problem was seen in Samsung phones. Almost three months later, Samsung released an update to address this issue for its handsets. More precisely, two months ago, in February 2022, when the S22 series phones were unveiled. Hopefully this quarter will not last again because many phones have already received the update process and it will not be very interesting if the Korean company leaves them alone with this troublesome problem.

Of course, a report that a user's phone's It has been hacked and we have not received many problems. There may have been such cases, but so far no news source has published a report on the matter. But the sense of insecurity is not very interesting and we hope that Samsung will think of a solution very soon. Although it should be noted that Samsung itself has not issued a statement in this regard, but since a reputable company such as Kryptowire warns the Korean company of the existence of such a security breach, it is likely to be admitted that this problem exists and very soon It should be fixed by Samsung.

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Source: Android Authority

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