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Samsung opens its virtual store in Metavars in Disentlandland

BingMag.com <b>Samsung</b> <b>opens</b> its <b>virtual</b> <b>store</b> in <b>Metavars</b> in Disentlandland

Samsung has joined Metavars by opening a virtual store in Disentland. The store is inspired by one of the most important physical stores of the Korean giant called 837, located in New York, and Samsung has chosen the name 837X for it.

Samsung announced in its press conference virtual 837X with commercial purpose and for a limited time will be open from today. Dissentland users are invited to a pilot tour of the venue and can receive NFT rewards by completing the submitted applications. CES 2022), Sustainability Forest (a trekking experience through millions of trees to showcase Samsung's environmental activities) and Customization Stage (to host a live dance event in Metavars hosted by DJ Gamma Vibes of 837 Physical Store). Those who compete with the NFT badge will receive Samsung-branded elements for their avatars in Disentland as a prize. "Metavars can enable us to transcend physical and spatial constraints to create virtual experiences, experiences that would not otherwise be possible," the company told a news conference.

BingMag.com <b>Samsung</b> <b>opens</b> its <b>virtual</b> <b>store</b> in <b>Metavars</b> in Disentlandland

Samsung 837 Physical store in New York

Following the opening of this store in Disentraland, Samsung intends to Is using 837X on other Metaver platforms as well. The Korean giant, like many other big brands, has quickly shown interest in Metavars. The brand has applied to launch its virtual products, and Adidas has announced that it is partnering with The Sandbox platform to enter this new world. In Metavars, which many believe was to cover up and marginalize the company's many problems; The entry of meta into the realm of Metavars and the establishment of a new virtual world has encouraged small and large brands to enter this new world.

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