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Samsung's new image editing application will transform your images!

BingMag.com <b>Samsung's</b> <b>new</b> <b>image</b> <b>editing</b> <b>application</b> will <b>transform</b> <b>your</b> images!

Samsung has just released a new image editing application that performs amazingly in applying various changes to images and can even create rainbow effects thanks to its powerful artificial intelligence. which is going to destroy.

Samsung is performing well not only in the field of hardware but apparently also in the software sector. We say this because the Korean company has just launched a new image editing application called Galaxy Enhance-X, and its performance in image editing is astounding. Of course, when we say amazing, you shouldn't expect to end up with an application as good as Photoshop; As soon as you know that you can apply many good changes to an image within the limits and sizes of a normal application, it is enough to understand how good an application Enhance-X is. It is not very uncommon and we have seen apps like Expert Raw before that provide users with an extremely high-quality and attractive photography experience. But this new application is not for photography, but performs post-photography activities, i.e. editing the recorded images.

BingMag.com <b>Samsung's</b> <b>new</b> <b>image</b> <b>editing</b> <b>application</b> will <b>transform</b> <b>your</b> images!BingMag.com <b>Samsung's</b> <b>new</b> <b>image</b> <b>editing</b> <b>application</b> will <b>transform</b> <b>your</b> images!BingMag.com <b>Samsung's</b> <b>new</b> <b>image</b> <b>editing</b> <b>application</b> will <b>transform</b> <b>your</b> images!

Using the new app , i.e. Enhance-X, users can take advantage of a very powerful artificial intelligence in editing their images that can make miraculous changes to the images. Thanks to this artificial intelligence, users can sharpen blurry images, remove reflections, increase image clarity, increase brightness in low light conditions, sharpen images, improve HDR effects. .

You might say to yourself that these changes are very trivial and the simplest image editing apps also use them. But we must say that the capabilities of Samsung's new image editing application are not only limited to these things. The Korean company has added the possibility to the Enhance-X application, with the help of which the user can remove even the moir pattern from the images. And it causes their quality to be destroyed. Have you ever taken a picture of the TV screen? You have probably seen the black lines that were created vertically on your image. These lines are also called moir pattern and cause the images to lose their quality. Of course, if for any reason you are not satisfied with the changes made, the program will keep the original version so that you can access the original file.

BingMag.com <b>Samsung's</b> <b>new</b> <b>image</b> <b>editing</b> <b>application</b> will <b>transform</b> <b>your</b> images!

According to the published information regarding this application, apparently users who want to experience it should use a phone with Android 10 or higher. This means that even if your phone is flagship but has Android 9 installed on it, you cannot use this application. It may not be necessary to say this, but Indian users do not currently have access to this application.

If your phone is eligible to receive the Samsung Galaxy Enhance-X image editing application, you can do so by clicking on the link below. Download and experience. Please share your experiences with this application in the comments section. This application is currently available in Samsung's exclusive store, the Galaxy Store.

BingMag.com <b>Samsung's</b> <b>new</b> <b>image</b> <b>editing</b> <b>application</b> will <b>transform</b> <b>your</b> images!

Source: AndroidAuthority

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