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Samsung's new displays are twice as bright and 4 times more durable than the previous generation

BingMag.com <b>Samsung's</b> <b>new</b> <b>displays</b> are <b>twice</b> as <b>bright</b> and 4 <b>times</b> <b>more</b> <b>durable</b> <b>than</b> the <b>previous</b> generation

It seems that Samsung has started its work on producing a much higher quality OLED display than the current generation for use in tablets from 2023 onwards, and apparently Apple also wants to use these screens in iPads from 2024 onwards.

Samsung is currently the largest display manufacturer in the world and has a very good performance in this area. The company currently operates as the main supplier of monitors for phones and tablets of various companies, the most important of which is Apple. But it seems that the Korean company wants to significantly increase the quality of its displays by 2023.

According to a new news published by the famous Korean source, The Elec, it seems that Samsung wants to 2023, to use high quality screens in its tablets. The same screens will also be used in Apple iPads from 2024 onwards, so that Samsung will be the main supplier of displays for Apple products for the next two years.

Samsung now has its own monolithic displays It designs, but the new display that the Korean company is working on uses a two-layer structure. This will double the screen brightness and quadruple the screen durability, which is a significant ratio.

It looks like Apple last year for its 10.86-inch iPads , Had ordered these new OLED panels from Samsung, but it was not until the third quarter of 2021 that production of these displays was stopped because the number of monitors ordered was not large enough to justify paying more for it. The main reason Apple wants to send such an order to Samsung is that users tend to keep their iPad longer than phones or other tablets. As a result, the new panel should have both high durability and higher quality.

BingMag.com <b>Samsung's</b> <b>new</b> <b>displays</b> are <b>twice</b> as <b>bright</b> and 4 <b>times</b> <b>more</b> <b>durable</b> <b>than</b> the <b>previous</b> generation

As it looks , Will be the new panel of the Korean company from the T series and will initially be used in tablets and laptops of the Galaxy Tab series and Samsung's own Galaxy Book in 2023. Samsung expects Apple to use this display for the first iPad with its OLED panel, which is scheduled to hit the market in 2024. Maybe in 2025 and beyond, we will see the use of this display in MacBooks and IMSs.

According to reports, Samsung will not be the only supplier of the first iPad display with Apple OLED panel and competitors It will be a bit like LG. The Korean company also has the technology to make panels with a two-layer structure, but for now it has only done so in the dimensions of the screens used in cars. In addition to LG, Chinese company BOE, which received Apple approval for the iPhone 13 display, could also be a serious competitor to Samsung, as it produces quality displays at affordable prices. Although it is ultimately Samsung that will be the main supplier of display products for Apple products with its advanced technology.

Apple had previously planned to unveil an iPad Air with OLED display earlier this year, but new reports in this regard It is rumored that low-cost iPads with the same LCD display will hit the market to maintain a good balance between price and specifications.

The fifth-generation iPad Air will most likely be at the March 8 event Apple, called Peek Performance, which will also unveil the iPhone SE 3, will be introduced with the A15 chip. It is also rumored that this product will have a 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera as a selfie camera and also supports 5G internet.

Apple's closest event is currently taking place in 4 days, so now for more information Apple's hardware products will have to wait until March 8.

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Source: PhoneArena

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