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Samsung's new charger allows users to quickly charge all devices

Samsung has launched a variety of wired and wireless chargers for smartphones, tablets, laptops and wearable gadgets, giving users a variety of options. They will have their own gadget to choose from. The company now appears to be working on a new wired fast charger, model number EP-T6530, which Samsung calls the Power Adapter Trio, providing a way to quickly charge all devices. Therefore, with the release of this product, you will no longer need to carry separate chargers for each device. It will use a USB-A port with a maximum power of 15 watts. The charger will cost around 56 and is currently available on several European websites. It should be noted that Samsung has not officially unveiled this charger yet, so we are not sure if it can offer a maximum power of 65 watts or 105 watts (65W + 25W + 15W) or not.

BingMag.com Samsung's new charger allows users to quickly charge all devices

Due to the history of Samsung chargers, the two USB-C ports on the WP-T6530 can be compatible with USB PD 3.0 with PPS. With this charger, you can quickly charge your Galaxy Book, Galaxy S21 or Galaxy Z Flip 3. In addition to these rumors and speculations, there are rumors that Samsung will re-introduce the 45-watt wired fast charger with the Galaxy S22 Plus and Galaxy S22 Ultra, and this charger may charge the company's advanced smartphones faster. p>

With the rapid advancement of technology and the widening range of smart devices we use, the number of gadgets equipped with batteries in every home is increasing every day. It is normal for each of these devices to come with a different charger for themselves.

This, in addition to the chargers for older devices, means that there are a large number of chargers in every home, usually for charging. Used on any device. Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to charging our phone. Match the voltage and amps of the charger and the phone.

Usually the output voltage values and the maximum input amps are written on the batteries. The input amplifier determines the maximum amount of electricity that the charger can pass. This value is very important and is measured by the standard unit of current measurement, the milliampere.

In general, the higher the amperage, the more current reaches the battery at a given time. But many think that this means that the larger the amp, the more powerful the charger, and it can be used to charge the batteries of all types of phones, if this mindset is wrong.

BingMag.com Samsung's new charger allows users to quickly charge all devices

For example, if the phone or any device in general is designed to be used with a "5V 1A" charger, if used with a charger "5V 2Am" There is a maximum power of 1 amp from the charger output current.

Some chargers can detect the type of device connected and adjust the output voltage and current accordingly. Anchor chargers, for example, use a special technology called Power IQ, which can provide different power, current, and therefore power to each device depending on the device. As you know, today's phones use Fast Charging technology. This technology, as its name implies, was created to speed up the phone's battery charging process. Simply put, fast charging charges the phone or, in fact, the battery in less time by sending more voltage and power. Due to the more features that are included in today's phones, their battery capacity has also been increased so that we can use them for more hours.

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