Samsung may completely remove the physical key from its phones

It is possible that Samsung Galaxy S series phones will be released in the near future without any physical keys. Samsung may completely remove the physical key from its phones

It is possible that Samsung Galaxy S series phones will be released in the near future without any physical keys.

These days, companies As the technology becomes more advanced, smartphone manufacturers release their phones with less content. From the removal of the 3.5 mm jack to the removal of the charger from the box, there were not so pleasant things that have happened in the last few years.

Usually Apple is the initiator of these moves, but apparently this time it is Samsung who intends to It is doing a strange thing and that is removing physical keys from Galaxy S series smartphones. As it seems, this Korean company wants to launch its Galaxy S series flagships without any physical keys in the near future. Although it has not been announced exactly which phones are going to use this design, 2025 is mentioned as the release date of Samsung's first phones without a physical key. If this is the case, we will probably see the Galaxy S25 series without a physical key in the market .

Physical keys are now very important in using a smartphone. At least three keys are installed in a modern phone, including the power key and the volume control keys. If the rumor that has been published is true, users will have to resort to touching the screen to control various things in the upcoming Samsung phones or this Korean company will consider another solution for this purpose.

If the phones Samsung's future Galaxy S series will go to the market without any physical keys, Samsung will have the opportunity to design them thinner than before because a part of the phone must always be dedicated to the installation of these keys. On the other hand, the frame will be completely integrated, without any protrusions disrupting its order.

Of course, no matter how interesting and attractive this idea is, there are a series of ambiguities that we must point out. The biggest question we can ask regarding this design is how to turn on the phone when it is off? On the other hand, sometimes it happens that the phone completely freezes and hangs. When there is no physical key, how is it supposed to be reset or restarted?

Batteries are also non-replaceable and the user cannot easily remove it when the phone hangs to fix the problem. Of course, when a company like Samsung wants to consider such a design for its products, it will definitely think about these things, but at the moment we don't know how to solve these problems. In general, the touchscreen has a specific purpose and executes a series of specific commands, not that you can use it to turn on, turn off, restart or reset the phone.

Once Apple also removed one of the physical keys (Escape) took away the keyboard of MacBooks and instead added the Touchbar, which was a touch part to perform various tasks, to these products. This decision raised the voice of many users to the extent that this American company had to add the aforementioned physical key to MacBooks again in the next generation.

Physical keys are necessary in many cases and should be in phones or Any other smart gadgets exist. Now we have to wait and see what Samsung's plan is for the future. If this news is true, more details should be released in the future.

What do you think about smartphones without physical keys? Do you find this idea attractive?

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