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Samsung's latest rendering of the Galaxy S22 Ultra dazzles the eye

BingMag.com <b>Samsung's</b> <b>latest</b> <b>rendering</b> of the <b>Galaxy</b> <b>S22</b> <b>Ultra</b> <b>dazzles</b> the eye

On the eve of the new year and the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, we see daily news and rumors about the new flagship family of Samsung in We are cyberspace and we have already seen a lot of renderings of the most powerful smartphone in this series, the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Today, however, an image of this smartphone has been shared by the famous revealer Ivan Blass, which dazzles the eyes and shows its design charm even more.

We have already introduced this Samsung smartphone. We've seen it in black, white, red and green, but recently there has been talk that the phone will also be sold in bronze like the Turkish rose. The model depicted in the Ivan Blass image looks very attractive and its black and bronze S-Pen adds extra beauty to this phone. More than ever, one can feel that the Galaxy S22 Ultra is very similar to Samsung's Galaxy Note, and in fact the South Korean tech giant intends to satisfy a large number of Note fans by offering this phone.

BingMag.com <b>Samsung's</b> <b>latest</b> <b>rendering</b> of the <b>Galaxy</b> <b>S22</b> <b>Ultra</b> <b>dazzles</b> the eye

The official render recently released by Ivan Blas confirms that this phone from any The idea is almost similar to the Galaxy Note, except that it is to be released under the name Ultra. On the back of the smartphone, the camera system layout reminds us of the Galaxy S21 Ultra. The previous generation of this smartphone, namely S21 Ultra, can be mentioned as one of the best phones produced by Samsung, which happened to be extremely well received by users.

Samsung has paid special attention to the design of the S22 Ultra back cover and It can almost be said that this phone is similar to the Note 10 Plus or Note 20 Ultra with the improved camera system, and maybe this is exactly what some Samsung fans want. Some also claim that the Galaxy S22 Ultra has a design similar to the LG Velvet smartphone. The most powerful phone of the S22 series has a square and box-shaped appearance, the design of which reminds many users of the Galaxy Note S20. The smartphone will be available with a 6.8-inch Super AMOLED Infinity O display with 1440P resolution, ultra-thin bezel, a dedicated S-Pen holder and a USB-C port.

The design of the front of the phone should also be said that based on the published images, there are very few margins around the screen, and in the upper frame as well as the lower frame, we see a certain symmetry that doubles the attractiveness of the screen. Although there is no difference between the camera of this phone and its previous generation, the Galaxy S21 Ultra, according to the specifications published by the news agencies, but according to experts, the camera lens of this phone will appear beyond expectations. The flagship quad-camera system consists of a main 108-megapixel lens, which is an improved version of the HM3 sensor, a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens, and two new Sony 10-megapixel telephoto cameras (10x and 3x zoom).

The technology giant has used Detail Enhancer technology in the camera system of its most powerful phone in 2022, which allows you to take close-up and very accurate photos and remember the amazing photography experience of this powerful smartphone. In the recorded photos of the camera of this phone, the colors are displayed better and more accurately, and the brightness of the images will be balanced and satisfactory. In addition, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is rumored to feature a macro mode that allows users to capture superb, high-quality images at close range.

BingMag.com <b>Samsung's</b> <b>latest</b> <b>rendering</b> of the <b>Galaxy</b> <b>S22</b> <b>Ultra</b> <b>dazzles</b> the eye

One of the latest rumors about this phone is its 1TB of memory, which, if true, will return 1TB of memory to Samsung phones. If we look at the history of the handsets of this proud manufacturer, we find that this is not the first time that Samsung has sold a phone with 1TB of internal memory. In 2019, the Galaxy S10 Plus was the first Samsung phone to ship with 1TB of internal storage, and in addition, it supports microSD memory cards up to 512GB.

True to the Galaxy S22 Ultra internal memory, it seems unlikely that the phone will support a microSD card. The processor of this phone, according to the information published in Geekbench, will be Snapdragon 8 generation 1, which will provide users with 8 or 12 GB of RAM. It is also possible that Samsung will launch a limited edition version of the phone with the Exynos 2200 processor. It's worth noting that the device is powered by a 5,000 mAh battery and supports 45-watt fast charge for charging.

Unless something special happens, Samsung will launch its new flagship series in February. (February-March) unveils and it seems that fans and users of this company can look forward to a dream year with the launch of this series of powerful phones.

Sources: Phonearena and TheVerge

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