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Samsung is under scrutiny for deliberately slowing down its handsets

BingMag.com <b>Samsung</b> is <b>under</b> <b>scrutiny</b> for <b>deliberately</b> <b>slowing</b> <b>down</b> its handsets

It looks like Samsung will be investigated for a misinformation, or better yet, a shotgun made in connection with the Galaxy S22 series

It has recently been reported that Samsung's gaming optimization service, known as GOS, has slowed down Samsung phones, including the Galaxy S22 series. This application is actually designed to stop all activities while playing games to prevent it from overheating. But it seems that this application not only does this, but also affects the performance of many non-gaming applications, causing a flagship phone like the Galaxy S22 to run slowly in a normal application such as Office.

Some news agencies believe that users are going to file a lawsuit against Samsung. Others say Samsung should probably be held accountable to South Korean government officials. So it seems that Samsung has done this for him. Of course, GOS is not a new application, but in the One UI 4.0 update that brought Android 12 to Samsung phones, users will no longer be able to disable it. This caused the application to get out of control and limited the performance of more than 10,000 applications, 6800 of which are not gaming at all. The most popular of these apps are Microsoft Office and YouTube.

What makes this not-so-unintentional act unintentional is that the benchmark apps have been removed from the list of apps that should be restricted by GOS. To make the Korean company's phones appear good and powerful in the benchmarks to encourage users to buy them. As a result, the user buys a phone by checking the benchmark, but in practice finds that its performance is far from expected. If that did not happen, it would probably be a mistake, but it seems that Samsung is doing it on purpose. Now it's not clear at all.

  • Samsung confirmed the deliberate slowdown of its handsets; Troubleshooting update on the way

The Korean company has denied the allegations, saying non-gaming apps are not on the list of apps that should be restricted by GOS. The Korean company also announced that it will put an option to turn off this service in the next update. However, this did not satisfy angry users. Following the announcement, Geekbench, a well-known benchmark app, boycotted all Galaxy S series phones, and now the Korean news agency Yonhap has announced that some users of the Galaxy S22 will also file a lawsuit against Samsung.

It seems that Samsung has to pay 300,000 won ($ 242) per person. One of them also said that he was going to file a lawsuit against the Korean company because he considers the company's advertisement based on the high power of the Galaxy S22 series to be completely false and only to deceive users. The price of the new Galaxy varies from $ 850 to $ 1,200 in the base model. Naturally, everyone expects the flagship product they are buying to use its utmost power to do different things.

Samsung had advertised that the Galaxy S22 had the best performance of all the Korean company's phones, thanks to the refresh. The 120Hz variable is one of the best handsets right now. In practice, however, users do not seem to have received what they paid for. The Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) is set to investigate soon after the news broke and ask Samsung for an explanation.

Earlier, the Korean company said GOS could not for security reasons. Disable, but now says that this feature helps the phone in temperature control to make sure the processor and graphics are operating at a safe frequency. Now we have to see what happens. Will Samsung pay compensation after the inspection, or will it succeed in convincing the Korea Fair Trade Commission that what it has done has a good reason?

source: PhoneArena

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