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Samsung is setting up a $ 17 billion chip plant

BingMag.com Samsung is setting up a $ 17 billion chip plant

According to the Wall Street Journal, Samsung will announce the establishment of a $ 17 billion chip plant in Texas in the next few hours. . It is said that this factory will be built in Taylor city and its land area will reach about 5 square kilometers. The chip is expected to be manufactured by the plant in late 2024.

The report states that the Taylor City Council will provide tax incentives for Samsung, which will pay 90% less in the first 10 years. Samsung is currently the leader in memory chips, but it is said that this factory is used to produce chips from other companies based on their design. According to previously published reports, the plant will be able to produce 3-nanometer chips. It should be noted that Samsung currently manufactures some of the chips of companies such as Qualcomm and Nvidia.

Over the past year, the global chip shortage has plagued many industries. Intel CEO announced some time ago that this problem of chip shortage seems to continue until 2023. Because of these problems, Joe Biden's government intends to increase its capacity to produce chips. Some time ago, the Senate passed a bill to provide $ 52 billion in subsidies for the establishment of chip factories, which, of course, has not yet been passed by the House of Representatives.

BingMag.com Samsung is setting up a $ 17 billion chip plant

Although various companies around the world want to increase their chip production capacity, the preparation of chip production lines is a very time consuming process. For example, some time ago TSMC and Sony announced that they would build a chip plant in Japan, which is expected to start operating in late 2024. TSMC is also building a $ 12 billion plant in Arizona that will be ready in late 2024.

Taiwanese company TSMC executives recently announced that they will build about $ 100 billion over the next three years. They are investing, and Intel plans to spend the same amount over the next 10 years.

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Source: The Verge

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