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Samsung is one step closer to One UI 5 beta release

BingMag.com <b>Samsung</b> is <b>one</b> <b>step</b> <b>closer</b> to <b>one</b> UI 5 <b>beta</b> release

As it seems, Samsung employees have already started the beta testing process of one UI 5, which means closer to the release of this user interface. We are done.

Samsung is one of the few Android companies that consistently releases software updates for its phones very early, only slightly later than the manufacturer itself, Google. Of course, this process has been started for one or two years, but in this one or two years, Samsung has made a lot of progress in this regard. On the one hand, the increase in the update period from two to three and from three to four years, and on the other hand, the early release of Android updates for phones, especially the flagships, which has made the Korean company stand head and neck above other companies.

But the early release of stable Android updates means that users can generally experience it sooner than expected. Of course, we are talking to those who have registered in the Samsung beta program. The Korean company usually releases the beta version of its user interface for its phones every year so that users can interact with it a little earlier and if there is a weakness, they can inform the company to fix it. Samsung also started this process almost late last year, but this year it is apparently going to be different.

As it seems, Samsung has provided the beta version of one UI 5 to its employees. examine. According to SamMobile, apparently Samsung wants to unveil its user interface beta in July, which is the current month. Also, the aforementioned website claimed that Samsung wants to officially start the process of releasing the stable version of Android 13 for its eligible phones in October.

BingMag.com <b>Samsung</b> is <b>one</b> <b>step</b> <b>closer</b> to <b>one</b> UI 5 <b>beta</b> release

According to the timeline published by Google, Android 13 should be stable this month. With the idea that there have been no problems and obstacles in the way of the American company, we should expect the stable version of Android 13 to be available in August. Of course, no Android company will definitely make a product available with Android 13 in August, and even Samsung, which plans to unveil the Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 phones this month, will definitely launch them with Android 12 as the default operating system. will make its way to the market.

With all these interpretations, we can almost say that without a doubt, it will be Samsung that, after Google, will make its way to the market with the first product equipped with Android 13. Last year, just 41 days after a phone from Google was updated to the stable version of Android 12, the Galaxy S21 series received it, and we expect the process to be much earlier this year. Because during these one or two years, the cooperation between Samsung and Google has become much more and their relationship has become closer and closer. It is not at all surprising to see these two giants of technology in the design of Android cooperate with each other and offer a very exciting and attractive operating system. Unfortunately, at the moment, there is not much information available and we do not know about the capabilities of one UI 5. In what parts is it supposed to be upgraded compared to the current version? But how many times have we heard what capabilities Android 13 is going to have because the beta version of this operating system is available. In terms of software experience, users will also see a series of improvements, including the improvement of the QR code scanning process, Bluetooth LE support, smarter sharing of media files, etc. In this operating system, we will also see improvements in terms of security and privacy. Of course, many of these changes are present in Samsung's current phones and thanks to its rich interface, so we should hope for more changes in the creative minds of Samsung's development team, not Google.

Source: Android Authority

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