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Samsung is lowering the price of its handsets with the help of China

BingMag.com <b>Samsung</b> is <b>lowering</b> the <b>price</b> of its <b>handsets</b> with the <b>help</b> of China

Samsung has to compete with Chinese companies in many key markets, which are constantly offering cheap and attractive handsets. Over the past few years, Samsung has paid special attention to its mid-range and low-end handsets in order to defeat Chinese companies in this area.

In this regard, Samsung has turned to the co-production approach of some of its handsets. . To do this, Chinese manufacturers produce a number of Samsung handsets, a process that results in a significant reduction in manufacturing costs. According to the latest reports, Samsung has recently ordered the production of 20 million new phones to these Chinese factories. Given this decision, Samsung executives are apparently satisfied with this cooperation.

BingMag.com <b>Samsung</b> is <b>lowering</b> the <b>price</b> of its <b>handsets</b> with the <b>help</b> of China

As you probably know , A large part of Samsung phones are manufactured in Vietnam factories. Samsung has invested billions of dollars to increase the capacity of its handset production lines in this country, and as a result, the number of handsets produced in this country is increasing day by day. We should also mention India, where the factories of this country produce more than 100 million phones for Samsung annually. Of course, it should be noted that phones made in India are mainly available to Indian users. In this regard, we can produce 8% of Samsung phones in South Korea, which are also made mainly for Korean users.

Samsung worked extensively with Chinese factories until mid-2019, but for a while This cooperation was stopped. But now many cheap Samsung phones are made in China. It should be noted that the factories in question are not only the manufacturers of these phones, but also play an important role in design and development. Samsung is also more involved in quality control and providing some features. This means that Samsung does not play a comprehensive role in the design and construction of these phones, and the role of Chinese companies is more important in this regard.

Initially, Samsung had signed a contract with these Chinese companies to produce 50 million phones, but now Has significantly increased the number of construction orders. Phones like the Galaxy A03, A03s and A22 5G fall into this category, and Samsung does not bother much to design and build them. Thanks to this approach, Samsung can launch a large number of low-cost phones every year, which are very popular in poor countries.

BingMag.com <b>Samsung</b> is <b>lowering</b> the <b>price</b> of its <b>handsets</b> with the <b>help</b> of China

In addition to the countries mentioned, Samsung usually uses different factories for its handsets for different continents. For example, Latin American users who want to buy Samsung phones usually get phones made in Brazil. Samsung's product line in Brazil dates back to 1999 and employs more than 6,000 Brazilian workers. Thanks to tax laws in Brazil, Samsung can export its handsets to other countries in the region at a reasonable price.

Chinese or not. Do you think Samsung will be able to maintain its leading position in the mobile market in the next few years? Leave your comments with us and others.

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Source: SamMobile

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