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Samsung is deliberately slowing down your Galaxy phone!

BingMag.com <b>Samsung</b> is <b>deliberately</b> <b>slowing</b> <b>down</b> <b>your</b> <b>Galaxy</b> phone!

According to the news published today, it seems that Samsung is one of the companies that intentionally slows down their phones.


Again, a recurring news story about the slowdown of phones, but this time it happened to a company that few people thought about. It is not accidental but intentional. Ever wondered why a game or app does not run as well as you expect on your Galaxy phone, despite its powerful hardware and high processing power? It seems that the Exynos 2200 and the 1st generation Snapdragon 8 should not be blamed in this regard. Although their processing weakness is sometimes natural and has its own reasons, the main culprit is Samsung's game optimization service, or GOS, which severely limits CPU and graphics performance.

According to various sources, including a famous Korean YouTuber with the username Square Dream, this is really happening and there are no rumors or lies behind it. He found out with an interesting trick that Samsung is really deliberately slowing down its phones. What this person did was rename the 3D Mark application package to "Genshin Impact." Surprisingly, the score that the Galaxy phone got in this benchmark was much lower than the result that the same phone got with the 3D Mark app before the name change.

BingMag.com <b>Samsung</b> is <b>deliberately</b> <b>slowing</b> <b>down</b> <b>your</b> <b>Galaxy</b> phone!

Score obtained before and after renaming the 3D Mark app

Some users follow what This person did, they renamed the Geekbench benchmark apps to Genshin Impact and found that they had a 50% drop in performance in the single-core segment. The performance varied depending on the type of phone they were using, but one thing that made it clear to us was that when a game runs, Samsung's optimization service comes into play and has more than 10,000 apps in its list, all of which Recognizes the name of the game and slows them down. These applications include Microsoft Office and YouTube Vanced.

Samsung seems to be aware of this and is trying very hard to investigate and resolve it. Of course, nothing has been said yet, but an official statement is expected to be issued soon so that users do not become more angry. Because there is really no specific explanation for this.

The interesting thing is that if someone renamed the games to the famous benchmarks that are not in the list of 10 thousand, will they see an improvement in their performance or not. Because when Samsung gets to the benchmark, it intentionally does the hardware work at maximum power to make the result more effective. But on the other hand, games or a series of applications, which of course, when we say that their number is 10,000, can no longer be said that "a series" run with less speed and power.

This is still the case on the Galaxy S22 series phones. It has not been tested and it remains to be seen whether the situation is the same in new phones. As it turns out, Samsung either does not know what the situation is or does not want to learn from the mistake it made. One pp. deliberately slow down in the real world. This is really not morally right, which many companies are "sensitive" to, and users have a right to be angry. OnePlus did exactly the same thing last year in the OnePlus 9 series, and under the pretext of optimization, weakened the phone's performance in running many popular apps, while benchmarking apps were not among them.

Android Central website He also sent an e-mail to Samsung asking for an explanation for the slowdown of its handsets to see in the first place whether such a thing is right or wrong, and whether the Korean company has really removed the benchmark apps from its long list of GOS services. ? It remains to be seen what Samsung's response will be.

Source: SamMobile

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