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The Samsung Health update will remove one of its useful features

Samsung has recently released an update to its Health app, which in this new version removes the popular feature of continuous heart rate charts and replaces heart rate charts instead. Introducing the heart in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 smartwatch. This update does not appear to have been well received by users.

This change reported by a user has also been confirmed by Samsung, whose heart rate data visualization has been replaced by a continuous chart. According to data published by PiunikaWeb, the time bars show the average and maximum and minimum points of the heartbeat. While this change may improve the visualization of your heart rate data, users do not appear to be satisfied with this update.

BingMag.com The Samsung Health update will remove one of its useful features

This update is actually Samsung's response to errors and inconsistencies in the app's heart rate tracking. According to users, the continuous heart rate chart was full of gaps, causing problems with heart rate recording and Samsung smartwatches. So it seems that replacing it with timelines has been Samsung's solution to this problem. The latest Health app update has been released under version v6.19.1.001. If you, like many users, are unhappy with the new version of this app, you can delete the update from your smartphone and use the old version.

Samsung Health is one of the best mobile apps from the Korean company. Which users can use to track and record information related to their health and wellness. This program has many capabilities, including monitoring various sports activities, great syncing with Samsung health gadgets, and recording information such as heart rate, blood oxygen, and similar capabilities.

BingMag.com The Samsung Health update will remove one of its useful features

This application has special capabilities. Here are some of them. At Samsung Health you will be able to specify a duration for the program. Since different people have different physical abilities, naturally their physical activity time should also be different. By default, the Samsung health app allocates time for daily activities that may not be right for you and may be high or low, so it is best to adjust this area according to your physical activity. You can specify the number of steps for this application. Exactly the above description is also true for the pedometer section of this program, and you should adjust this part to your physical activity so that if the program is less active, it will warn you about this issue. To do this, go to the step count section and change the set target option by selecting the three points above.

This application also allows you to challenge your friends. One of the most important aspects of physical activity is motivation, which can be greatly enhanced by friendly competition between you and your friends or family. Fortunately, Samsung has taken this into account in the health app, allowing you to challenge your friends and compete together in a friendly way.

The Samsung health app is one of the most comprehensive apps in There is a variety of foods, but there are definitely foods that you can not find in this program (most Iranian dishes are not in this list and you must manually add them to the list according to the explanations given below to save And you can easily use them every time) and you have to manually enter their name, calories and nutritional value.

Source: AndroidCentral

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